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Name Tsukuyomi
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You can call me Rotty or Tsu. I'm a boyxboy writer. I have an intense fascination with mythology, religion, fantasy, and the supernatural. I mostly just write, but I do read on occasion. Otherwise, I legitimately do not have a life.

★You should probably know...★
I'm a strong independent Latina woman who don't need no man.
I am unhealthily obsessed with The Beatles.
Snakes and crocodiles are adorable.
If I had the chance to lick Bam Margera, I would.
I contain toxic amounts of sarcasm.
I daydream 97% of the time.
The other 3% is writing.
I like purples.
I watch anime and read manga.
I'm a horror movie junkie.
Sherrilyn Kenyon is my idol.
Birds are a creation of Satan to keep me from sleeping.
I can't draw or sing, but I do them both anyway when I feel my ego is inflated.
I am Wiccan. I worship the Earth and Her Gifts, NOT Satan.
I like to eat. A lot.
If I haven't had my coffee, chances are I'm in T-Rex mode.
I have Tourette Syndrome.
I'm studying the Tarot.
I love Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, Teen Wolf, and Oddities.

☆If you want to add me on Facebook, drop me a message first.
☆I read all my messages.
☆No bullying/hate or you'll be reported.



I Kissed A Boy
And I Kissed His Brother?!
Dear Uncle Vic
Stop Bullying Me!
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
To Be or Not to Be
One Last Shot
The Full Moon
Into the Woods
Moonstone Romance
The Pauper's Dream
The Sorcerer's Lullaby
Passion and Danger
The Love Bite
The Love Curse
The Love Risk

The Vampire's Requiem

Sweet Revenge
Sweet Karma
Sweet Death

The Vampire's Requiem II
Styx: The River of Hate
The Oracle of Tartarus
Betrayal in Elysium
Ferry of Woe

The Reaping


The Reaping [malexmale]

The Reaping [malexmale]

12 parts / 85 pages, updated Apr 10, 2014R
[sequel to Sinful] Alaric doesn't fear the Reaper-- Rather, he's sleeping with him. Unfortunately, even Death can't stop Alaric from going on a suicide mission to H... read more
50,180 reads votes 4,209 comments 810


11 parts / 48 pages, updated Apr 07, 2014R
A short story collection based off my series, the Underworld Chronicles and the Hell Chronicles! Contains homosexual relationships, graphic adult themes, and explicit content.
32,846 reads votes 1,752 comments 269
Sinful [malexmale]

Sinful [malexmale]

29 parts / 190 pages, updated Mar 10, 2014RCompleted
[sequel to Redemption] Raven takes his job seriously, so there's no way he has time for his own personal stalker, Devereaux, the Deadly Sin of Lust. But with war breakin... read more
160,097 reads votes 11,157 comments 2,666
Redemption [malexmale]

Redemption [malexmale]

31 parts / 192 pages, updated Feb 12, 2014RCompleted
Thorn, Son of Lucifer and Guardian of Purgatory. His life is a miserable lonely cesspool, until one day Hades and Lucifer cut a deal that involves a particularly sex... read more
180,455 reads votes 11,798 comments 1,480
Aftermath [malexmale]

Aftermath [malexmale]

16 parts / 90 pages, updated Jan 09, 2014RCompleted
[Sequel to Monster] Xenon, one of the last remaining Atlantean gods, loathes gods and higher ups. It's why he prefers the company of much lesser demons. One particula... read more
87,414 reads votes 5,948 comments 892
Monster [malexmale]

Monster [malexmale]

15 parts / 85 pages, updated Dec 16, 2013RCompleted
[Sequel to "Ferry of Woe"] Akin prides himself in taming beasts, but when he comes across a monster that's been kicked one too many times, he finds the challenge he's been looking for. [Warning: Contains adult themes and BDSM content]
108,754 reads votes 6,285 comments 861
Ferry of Woe [malexmale]

Ferry of Woe [malexmale]

16 parts / 96 pages, updated Dec 08, 2013RCompleted
{Sequel to Guardian} Charon is alone. Charon's always been alone. As the creature of death that ferries souls to their final destination, he needs to be alone. And ... read more
103,091 reads votes 6,944 comments 1,019
Boys, Boys, Boys!

Boys, Boys, Boys!

5 parts / 46 pages, updated Dec 03, 2013R
Cheesily named after Lady Gaga's song, this collection of strictly boyxboy oneshots will contain things from the smutty to the fluffy, from the supernatural to your run-of-... read more
37,032 reads votes 1,027 comments 141
Guardian [malexmale]

Guardian [malexmale]

18 parts / 111 pages, updated Nov 18, 2013RCompleted
{sequel to Betrayal in Elysium} Blaine has been a slave his entire life, but he won't submit without a fight, especially with his new owner, the famous guardian of the ... read more
134,758 reads votes 7,411 comments 874
Betrayal in Elysium [malexmale]

Betrayal in Elysium [malexmale]

31 parts / 195 pages, updated Nov 08, 2013RCompleted
{Sequel to Oracle of Tartarus} Abel's life is in ruins. After a lifetime of betrayal and agony, he's decided that he shouldn't bother with relationships. Bes... read more
191,997 reads votes 10,208 comments 1,513
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Uhm, it is if you can barely afford food and le Internetz :3
I Kissed A Boy [boyxboy]

Cajun French* btw
Redemption [malexmale]

Eh, it was supposed to be a French insult I found on some website, but now I can't find the website and I can't remember what it meant.
Redemption [malexmale]

"Pot calling the kettle black" is basically calling someone a hypocrite. Because both the pot and the kettle are black.
Worse Than Prison

I've seen American soap operas and they're bad, but Spanish soap operas are hilariously bad. I love 'em :P
Moonstone Romance [boyxboy]