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"I want to be a saint, but the devil won't let me."

Just your average NEET who writes the gay, obsesses over the supernatural and mythological.

Anekico ler aracnia.


---I Kissed A Boy Series---
I Kissed A Boy
And I Kissed His Brother?!
Dear Uncle Vic
Stop Bullying Me!
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
To Be or Not to Be
One Last Shot

---Moonstone series---
The Full Moon
Into the Woods
Moonstone Romance
The Pauper's Dream
The Sorcerer's Lullaby
Passion and Danger

---Council of Seven series---
The Love Bite
The Love Curse
The Love Risk

The Vampire's Requiem

Sweet Revenge
Sweet Karma
Sweet Death

The Vampire's Requiem II

---Underworld series---
Styx: The River of Hate
The Oracle of Tartarus
Betrayal in Elysium
Ferry of Woe

The Reaping

Lords of the Underworld
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Description: A short story collection based off my series, the Underworld Chronicles and the Hell Chronicles! Contains homosexual relationships, graphic adult themes, and explicit content.

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Little Bites [boyxboy]

Little Bites [boyxboy]

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Renamed "Little Bites", this collection of strictly boyxboy oneshots will contain things from the smutty...

Lords of the Underworld [malexmale]

Lords of the Underworld [malexmale]

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A war is coming. The very fate of our universe is at stake. If they fail, we're doomed. If they succeed...

Ferry of Woe [malexmale]

Ferry of Woe [malexmale]

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{Sequel to Guardian} Charon is alone. Charon's always been alone. As the creature of death that ferries...

Rotty's FAQ

Rotty's FAQ

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*squeaks* DRAMAtical Murder! asmfklasf :D Anyway, I really enjoy your stories! I've been rolling around in feels all day! I was just wondering, would it be okay if one could do fanart?? Your characters are amazing and sometimes I get this mental interpretation of them (I keep seeing Rick Patterson as Aoba with black hair for some reason) and I think it would be a pleasure to try and draw them. owo
Anime Recommendation: Orenchi No Furo Jijou

Episodes are only 4-6 minutes, but it's friggin' great! About a man who takes in a dorky merman. It's only three episodes in, updated every Sunday last I checked, oh yeah, and there's an octo-man in the newest episode and just...

Let's just say that there's more gay in the first three episodes of this anime as opposed to two seasons of "Free!" Just sayin'.
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So, I forgot about that 30-page midterm paper that's due this Monday because I was excited about the one-shots, and now I'm crunched for time, so the one-shots won't be posted until after I finish that paper because midterm is a huge part of my grade and I can't skip it or bullshit it.

So. I'll write my paper. Work on the DevXRaven one-shot and the HadesXLucifer one-shot. Then try and update a Halloween one-shot for both the "Little Bites" collection and one involving Theo because it's his second favorite holiday (his first being April Fool's Day).

That's probably all I'll be able to do in the next two weeks because I have a Halloween party to prepare for this coming weekend, and the weekend after that I will be in Detroit for Youmacon. After I return, I'll see if I have inspiration to update any of my stories on hold :) Let's hope so. It'd be nice to get those out of the way and make time for some new stories!

I think that's mostly all I have for right now! Thank you all so much for your incredible patience and support! Have a wonderful day/night~