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Just your average NEET who writes the gay, obsesses over the supernatural and mythological.

Anekico ler aracnia.


---I Kissed A Boy Series---
I Kissed A Boy
And I Kissed His Brother?!
Dear Uncle Vic
Stop Bullying Me!
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
To Be or Not to Be
One Last Shot

---Moonstone series---
The Full Moon
Into the Woods
Moonstone Romance
The Pauper's Dream
The Sorcerer's Lullaby
Passion and Danger

---Council of Seven series---
The Love Bite
The Love Curse
The Love Risk

The Vampire's Requiem

Sweet Revenge
Sweet Karma
Sweet Death

The Vampire's Requiem II

---Underworld series---
Styx: The River of Hate
The Oracle of Tartarus
Betrayal in Elysium
Ferry of Woe

The Reaping

Lords of the Underworld
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Passion and Danger [boyxboy]

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Description: Alek Vonz is the outsider. And his only duty was to get married and provide his pack with pups. Never mind the fact that he'd already found his mate. If he broke his oath to the pack, he would be killed. But what happens when passion becomes too muc...

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A short story collection based off my series, the Underworld Chronicles and the Hell Chronicles! Contain...

Redemption [malexmale]

Redemption [malexmale]

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Thorn, Son of Lucifer and Guardian of Purgatory. His life is a miserable lonely cesspool, until one day...

Little Bites [boyxboy]

Little Bites [boyxboy]

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Renamed "Little Bites", this collection of strictly boyxboy oneshots will contain things from the smutty...

Sweet Revenge [boyxboy]

Sweet Revenge [boyxboy]

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Julian Alexander Grey has had it. He's not the golden child his parents had hoped for. He's not as smart...

iibubblesz posted a message to rotXinXpieces
@rotXinXpieces Yes! Yes! Yes! That would be amazing. I more explanations of magic and the artificial would be awesome because it's still kinda confusing. And maybe more back stories for some characters. And also  more Hades and Lucifer :)  :)

I am writing. I just haven't posted because I'm actually writing a holiday one-shot for Otherworld and one of the series that I plan to post as a Christmas gift.

I know, I know. I shouldn't start anything new considering I have old things that still need updating, but this is the first time in months I've been able to write one chapter after another with hardly a break, so I'm gonna stick with this. Hopefully this'll jump start some updates on other things.

As of right now, the following books are being REWRITTEN COMPLETELY: Sugar Coated, Worse Than Prison (renamed: The Silence), Setting Them Straight.

These books are subject to a POSSIBLE update: Passion and Danger

These books are ON HOLD: St. Salvatore's Academy II: Lapsis, One Last Shot

Also, I wanted to ask: Would anyone be interested in a video discussion of the Underworld series? Comment yes and what you would like to hear discussed in the video. Whoop!

Anyway, I think that's all I have for right now! Thank you so much for your incredible support and patience! Happy Holidays!
KIKOsXlove posted a message to rotXinXpieces
Hey Rotty it's Kiko 1 of your many many followers. I was wondering if theres a way you can finish a unfinished story that the owner has abandoned on wattpad.

 The story has been sitting in wattpad files for lanta knows how long and it truly is a very good story and seeing as you are a wonderful author, i would be greatly please if you could take it into consideration. 

the story is "Who are you, really?" 

p.s. continue your epicness.
Omg Rotty you are my favourite writer on a Wattpad... I have read The Hell Chronicles, The Underworld Chronicles, the I Kissed A Boy series... I just finished The Love Trilogy... Right now I am reading The Sweet Trilogy (Is that even what you call it?) Haha... Personally I love the Hell and Underworld Chronicles... I just cannot properly explain how much your books have captured my mind... They so beautiful... Thank you soo much... Hope you write more beautiful things... :) Thanks again
It's awesome to hear that you're into Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist. I'd suggest reading the manga if you haven't already, because the anime leaves out/changes a few things. Plus the story goes further than the end of the anime. Unfortunately, since the manga was licensed by a company here in the US for publication; the group that was posting the chapters stopped releasing them. And they're only up to about volume 3 or 4 published in English. However, a few in the makai ouji fandom on tumblr have been translating chapters, so you can find the rest on there.