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Hello, I'm Chennelle :) 
I'm pretty convinced I was born in the wrong generation.
I adore old movies, but love the latest ones all the same. 
I love creating characters, I think that's the best part of writing. 
I miss the songs of the 90's - early 2000's.
I'm really lazy... o.o 
yet funnily enough, I love exercising. 
I'm so thankful to all of my followers and readers ♥
Feel free to talk to me at any time! :) 

You all should check out @Buggzie and @SuperheroesAndSprite 
because they're both amazing to talk to and their works are brilliant! 
And also @Nawt_Enough_Kisses and @killer_raven
because they're both also exceptionally awesome people! :)

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One Shots (boyxboy)

One Shots (boyxboy)

6 parts / 19 pages, updated Aug 28, 2014
one shots I'll be writing to try and get over my writers block!
21,822 reads votes 692 comments 221
A Little More than Just Friends (BoyxBoy)

A Little More than Just Friends (BoyxBoy)

20 parts / 49 pages, updated Aug 10, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
Jake and Lee are two very close best friends who spend most of their time around each other. Sometimes they like to mess around, have a little fun.... read more
168,176 reads votes 3,957 comments 657
The Rent Boy (BoyxBoy)

The Rent Boy (BoyxBoy)

40 parts / 113 pages, updated Aug 03, 2014RPicturesCompleted
"Ash" is a seventeen year old high school drop out who makes his money by renting himself. It's not his ideal or dream career, but it's what it takes to pay... read more
923,482 reads votes 20,343 comments 2,910
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Blood Brothers (BxB)
13,883 reads

five hours
753 reads

The Pretty People
143 reads

Blaze (boyxboy)
13,541 reads

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@SuperheroesAndSprite Aw haha this made me smile :') school sucks dude I feel your pain
A Little More than Just Fri...

@SuperheroesAndSprite I don't want elliot getting involved with the heavy stuff though :(( esp. not just to impress someone. I guess it's a good...
Blaze (boyxboy)

Secret Seduction it is, then! :)
Blood Brothers (BxB)

OH MY FCKING GOD ELLIOT GO TAKE THAT SHIT BACK RIGHT NOW I'm laughing but I'm also shitting bricks for the guy xD I absolutely adored this...
Blaze (boyxboy)

I do that! So I know how much cereal to pour in >.>
Blaze (boyxboy)