Hey, I'm Chennelle!
I love writing, mainly because it takes me out of my own head and places me in another and I'm pretty sure that's how I'd like to live my life. My head's a pretty boring place to be. 
I aspire to be an actress *laughs maniacally* that's never gonna happen but I can dream. 
Dylan O'Brien is everythinnnnnng.
If you can't tell I'm a pretty huge fangirl but I swear I tried to fight it, I really did. It just took over my life without warning. 
I'm also a complete moron and sometimes I talk too much. 
So yeah, feel free to come have a chat with me, I won't bite! ;) 
Shout out to all my followers for continuing to follow me
y'all show real strength and courage, so thank you! x) 

You all should check out @Buggzie and @SuperheroesAndSprite 
because they're both amazing to talk to and their works are brilliant! 
And also @NawtEnoughKisses because she's also an 
exceptionally awesome person! :)

TRB Restricted chapters:

Two: http://www.wattpad.com/5723885-the-rent-boy-boyxboy-chapter-two-an-unusual-blow

Five: http://www.wattpad.com/6361592-the-rent-boy-boyxboy-chapter-five-make-or-break
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Description: (Sequel to The Rent Boy) Mitch has spent his life hiding everything he knew he was, after years of being told it was wrong. But after a little provocation from Tyler, he's finally had enough. With so much emotion building up inside of him, his cal...

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To Keep You (boyxboy)

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@Mr_Halcothewriter yup for publishing publishing as a book you can actually touch xD I'll also do it as an ebook too. it's so awesome to see you actually getting excited over that, seriously :') I don't know when I'll finish rewriting though so don't expect it til next year, haha. I hope you'll like the revised version of it. I've changed quite a bit, but not strayed from the initial storyline of course.
I updated TRBs surprisingly fast o.o it's not my most descriptive of chapters, but I hope it's okay >.< I forgot to mention that I actually got back on track with editing/re-writing TRB for publishing. I'm on Chapter Eighteen ^.^ I was up all night last night doing that and it's pretty different actually. Now I feel like I just need to write a one shot to clear my head >.< I need Christmas prompts or something I don't know, I already have one on the go but it's kinda boring I'm so terrible at writing cute stories it literally drives me nuts - give me pain and death any day lol
Wattpad looks so much better at 90% zoom tbh 
But anyway, I'm sorry about the lack of updates guys. I'm going through some things with a few family members, it's left my mood at rock bottom, on top of how stressful everyone is making Christmas, as if it won't be good unless everyone has loads of presents >.< what ever happened to the days where Christmas was about a nice meal and some family games? I feel like screaming the whole house down. I'm working on TRBs today, hopefully I can give you guys a chapter by the end of the night. If not, I'm very sorry. You'll have to bare with me, I'm afraid >.< Thanks again guys, for all the support. I really appreciate it <3
Kriksin posted a message to Chennelle
Okay where to start......um today I read TRB and loved it. it was so beautiful that made the story even more admirable.This kind of emotions are mostly not found in bxb type of novels but u nailed it.I love Logan and I cried like my someone own left me ,it was so emotional .Thank you for giving us this wonderful book.Merry Christmas.
stormyhumboldt posted a message to Chennelle
Do I have to teach you everything?
Here are some samples, knowing you, you could improve on them off of the top of your head:
"It's about time someone caught on."
"Finally, I get a little recognition."
"Hah!  I did that with one hand tied behind my back."
"Don't get pushy, when I'm ready I'll update.  Period."
"Keep your stupid ideas to yourself or just write your own story"
These are just a few courteous responses  omitting profanity.  (Smile)

stormyhumboldt posted a message to Chennelle
Take you time, we're anxious but not in danger of cardiac arrest!
Merry Christmas.
Just for the record.  I do not hand out compliments that are not earned.  I may encourage people who need that but I don't "butter them up".  Anything I've said about your talents has been earned by hard work.
TRBs has been updated :) I know I said I'd work on some Christmas one shots but tbh at the moment I'm just concentrating on getting TRBs done. I don't think I'll finish it by the end of the month but I'ma try *puts writing cap on...falls asleep five minutes later* >.>