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I see you. The real you. The you that you should be proud of, and the one you should be ashamed for. You're beautiful - Tricia Fleming

Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason. Don't give up.

Cacoethes scribendi (Latin) is the insatiable desire to write.

Shadows Over Camp Darkness
To Be Human
There's the Wild and Then There's the Weird

The Death of Time
The Legends of Felix Katt

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Unspecified Rage: werewolf 
Not According to Plan: sci-fi undercover military
Can Anybody Find Me?: fantasy romance
Queen of Spades: student/teacher relationship
King of Hearts: student/teacher relationship, companion to QoS
House of Cards: one shot continue of qos/koh
Aces Wild- QoS sequel romance, non-teen fiction
Broken Kings: QoS Prequel 
The Elsewhere Files: supernatural/sci fi mystery, script style
Torn Asunder: vampire story, dual POV 
Camp Darkness: supernatural humour
The Tales of Twisted Felix Katt: scifi humour
The Myths of Twisted Felix Katt: scifi humour sequel
Big Bad: DARK fairty tale retelling
La Belle Bete: fairytale retelling

There's the Wild and the There's the Weird: romance with supernatural elements
The Death of Time: fantasy: modern Mythos 
The Legends of Twisted Felix Katt: scifi humour
Shadows Over Camp Darkness- humour,  supernatural
To Be Human: alien sci-fi

A Taste of Mercy: urban fantasy
So Called Survivors: short story anthology

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A Taste of Mercy (A Recipe for Disaster Novel 2)

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Description: Callahan Orenda just wanted to live a relatively unobtrusive life, but when a Demon Lord has kidnapped her twin sister Cassandra, it becomes time to abandon ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. With the help of Demons, Angels, a couple of Changer...

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Sex, Romance and Things That Go Bump In The Night

Sex, Romance and Things That Go Bump In The Night

31.9K 1.1K 259

Shadows Over Camp Darkness

Shadows Over Camp Darkness

28.7K 1.1K 187

After the Maelstrom and fall of the Punt at Camp Darkness, the entire facility has to be restructured fr...

Aces Wild (House of Cards Series 4)

Aces Wild (House of Cards Series 4)

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(Sequel to Queen of Spades/King of Hearts stories) Nathaniel Vega grew up in a less than conventional fa...

House of Cards Series # 3 One Shots (QoS, KoH)

House of Cards Series # 3 One Shots (QoS, KoH)

266K 3.2K 293

These are little one shot stories that I wanted to do for my student/teacher romances. These stories sho...

So it's almost November. NaNoWriMo approaches, but I have so many stories on hold that it feels sacriligeous to start a new one for NaNo instead of using the time to finish those. A part of me is tempted to try anyways, especially as I may actually be getting some writing time back. I'm typing up the last of A Taste of Mercy, then I'm going to focus on getting the others done. I'm probably going to pick them off one at a time, just to get them rolling. So you all may finally expect to hear from me on a regular basis again. 
Yay having my life back!
ashynkay24 posted a message to Trewest
you need to write more of teacher students stories!! they Are sooooo addictive!! I actually love them !! pretty please write more and finish the house of cards please lots of love ashy ❤️