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I haven't edited this in a long time - yay!

Who am I? I'm basically a guy who likes writing and also likes procrastinating on said writing! I could write a whole lot more here but I can't stand this keyboard... maybe later :D

IMPORTANT: In regard to requests to read books, James has most certainly read AND commented on these books, he does so even before you ask! (Note that *sometimes* the comments may not get through due to freak natural Wattpad electric storms)


Is Your Homework Really That Boring?

Is Your Homework Really That Boring?

2 parts / 1 page, updated Dec 01, 2013G
229 reads votes 3 comments 4
The Dragon's Curse

The Dragon's Curse

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Nov 24, 2013PG
275 reads votes 10 comments 2
SFSD Amazing Paladin FanFiction/Flash Science Fiction

SFSD Amazing Paladin FanFiction/Flash Science Fiction

2 pages, updated May 10, 2013
The sequel to "Tristan's Untimely Death - Random Paladin FanFiction" which was posted on my old account @Ilovetoread72. Read SallySlater's Paladin for FREE first @SallySlater!
400 reads votes 6 comments 2
Trump Card

Trump Card

1 page, updated Mar 27, 2013
54 reads votes 3 comments 8
Short Stories

Short Stories

14 parts / 15 pages, updated Dec 28, 2012PG-13Pictures
This is a collection of short stories. Some of them quick, some of them not. Enjoy! ... Except for The Vampire (Etc) because it sucks xD
5,837 reads votes 61 comments 162
Why Teleporters Don't Always Work - Short Story

Why Teleporters Don't Always Work - Short Story

1 page, updated Dec 18, 2012
122 reads votes 7 comments 2
Never Trust Old Ladies - Fantasy Smackdown

Never Trust Old Ladies - Fantasy Smackdown

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Dec 16, 2012PGPicturesCompleted
A Fantasy Smackdown entry which I left till the last minute. Title by @thecancer
155 reads votes 8 comments 17
Joe the Pyrotechnic and the Plight of the Murderous Snow

Joe the Pyrotechnic and the Plight of the Murderous Snow

1 page, updated Dec 07, 2012
[Book One in the Weird Christmases Series] For once in his life, Joe is actually having a semi-decent Christmas. (Probably due to the kids playi... read more
33 reads votes 2 comments 11
The Timekeeper's Son

The Timekeeper's Son

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 19, 2012PG
One day, a teenager picked up a piece of paper. One day, his world was changed forever. One day, there was an adventure.
370 reads votes 12 comments 17
DisConnect - Prologue

DisConnect - Prologue

2 pages, updated Sep 07, 2012
75 reads votes 5 comments 10
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For the first part, yes, that was referenced... :) The second, errr, no thanks. ;)
Tristan's Untimely Death - ...

Mwuhahaha. The power of Parogar!
Tristan's Untimely Death - ...

The dress, obviously, so she can burn it and warm herself up. (I think she shivers at least once in the chapter, clear proof of this theory) Once...
Storm and Silence

@Kirkinator D: But I thought you were a nice writer slave? Do I really need to get out the review-whip?
Plan B

@Kirkinator No, because that means it's not a good thing. A truly good thing goes on and on... So get started on a sequel! A trequel! (If that's...
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