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Who am I? I'm basically a guy who likes writing and also likes procrastinating on said writing! I could write a whole lot more here but I can't stand this keyboard... maybe later :D

IMPORTANT: In regard to requests to read books, James has most certainly read AND commented on these books, he does so even before you ask! (Note that *sometimes* the comments may not get through due to freak natural Wattpad electric storms)
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Description: He awakes in a cold stone room with over thirty other people. They don't remember what happened. Not only that, they don't remember anything else. In a world full of dangers, follow Mark's adventure to regain his identity, unravel a mystery, and t...

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The Timekeeper's Son

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One day, a teenager picked up a piece of paper. One day, his world was changed forever. One day, there...

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A Collection of Sorts

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Is Your Homework Really That Boring?

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The Dragon's Curse

The Dragon's Curse

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@Parogar Hmm yeah, it's just that - this is just my opinion - whether or not the actual English is totally correct, the last chapter seemed to leave off on an upward beat (oh, this could be good...) whereas this chapter started on a downward beat (Man, my brother, what an eight-year-old)

I'm not a good enough author to know whether or not that's good but thought I might mention it as it did confuse me a tiny bit.