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Hey, people! Kirky here. I’m an editor, university student and former Inkie. RIP, Inkpop. So long and thanks for all the fish, HC. We all love red herrings.

I’m pretty dormant when at uni as my course is intensive. I’m more active when home and I do come on about once a day to reply to messages and read comments (and stalk my favourite books) wherever I am, so do message me!

I read a fair amount on here, but something has to seriously impress me for me to vote for it. As in, something I’d pay for because I think it’s publishable (even if it’s one chapter out of hundreds). But I’m also a stickler for grammar, so unless a chapter blows me away, I’m unlikely to vote unless the grammar is practically flawless.

If I really enjoy a book, I’ll put it on a reading list. If it’s in the one entitled “I recommend reading these because they’re awesome”, it’s worth checking out.

I don’t do read for reads, and I don’t read on request either. This is because I don’t have time to. Also, I’m a critic monster and a grammar Nazi. I suspect a lot of you wouldn’t like me critiquing your work as, when I critique, I analyse pretty much every word you use. Unless you can take it and are prepared to do the same in return, it’s probably not worth asking me for a read for read. Besides, if I want to read something, I’ll go find it on my own. I have my own tastes in books, and reading is my downtime.

I also don’t appreciate people asking me to update, so here are the ETAs for updates so you don’t have to nag:

~ Finished! ~ Totally uploaded including appendices and entered for Wattpad Prize 2014
HUMAN JACKPOT~ Currently at uni ~ Chapter 4 now up ~ Next update: 1st June (sorry, guys - work got on top of me)
HOW NOT TO ASSASSINATE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE~ Currently at uni ~ Next update: Sometime in May or June

P.S. Any other K-pop fans out there?


Plan B

Plan B

Humor #260 / Teen Fiction #392
71 parts / 222 pages, updated Jul 16, 2014PG-13Completed
Plan A might have been just as dangerous as the police insisted it was safe. It involved being locked away, out of sight and communication, and didn't solve the problem that Fran'... read more
2,133,292 reads votes 38,139 comments 3,654
Human Jackpot

Human Jackpot

6 parts / 29 pages, updated Mar 01, 2014PG
“I have five REALLY fit guys stalking me and I have no idea what to do about it!” According to most modern teenage literature, this was not a dilemma that Gabby was suppos... read more
2,362 reads votes 112 comments 24
How Not to Assassinate the English Language

How Not to Assassinate the English Language

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Dec 09, 2013G
If you want to be a doctor, you go away and learn about how the human body functions. If you want to be an architect, you learn about the laws... read more
1,581 reads votes 63 comments 67
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Born Of Fire
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