Hey, people! Kirky here. I’m an editor, university student and former Inkie. RIP, Inkpop. So long and thanks for all the fish, HC. We all love red herrings.

Pretty dormant when at uni. More active when home and I do come on about once a day to reply to messages and read comments (and stalk my favourite books) wherever I am, so do message me!

I read a fair amount on here, but something has to seriously impress me for me to vote for it. As in, something I’d pay for because I think it’s publishable (even if it’s one chapter out of hundreds). But I’m also a stickler for grammar, so unless a chapter blows me away, I’m unlikely to vote unless the grammar is practically flawless.

If I really enjoy a book, I’ll put it on a reading list. If it’s in the one entitled “I recommend reading these because they’re awesome”, it’s worth checking out.

I don’t do read for reads, and I don’t read on request either. This is because I don’t have time to. Also, I’m a critic monster and a grammar Nazi. I suspect a lot of you wouldn’t like me critiquing your work as, when I critique, I analyse pretty much every word you use. Unless you can take it and are prepared to do the same in return, it’s probably not worth asking me for a read for read. Besides, if I want to read something, I’ll go find it on my own. I have my own tastes in books, and reading is my downtime.

I also don’t appreciate people asking me to update, so here are the ETAs for updates so you don’t have to nag:

~ Finished! ~ Totally uploaded including appendices and entered for the Hotkey Young Writers Prize!  Please support it by voting on the first chapter and spreading the word!
HUMAN JACKPOT~ On holiday ~ Chapter 6 now up ~ Next update: Oct. 15th
HOW NOT TO ASSASSINATE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE~ On holiday ~ Next update: Oct. 29th

P.S. Any other K-pop fans out there?
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Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Forty-two

It can be used to refer to language and writing systems too.  Though generally with language, it's used to refer collectively to a bunch of languages/dialects under Sino-Tibetan language family umbrella.

Colloquially, you'll often see people referring to Mandarin as Chinese, even though technically the term encompasses more languages than just Mandarin.

Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Chinese

I do get where you're coming from, though.
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Forty-two

Not really a fan.

Also, K-pop is pretty much irrelevant to the plot of the story, so I was hardly going to go listing a huge bunch of groups and making a big fuss out of it.  It would have been ridiculous, and also out of character for the characters in question.
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Forty-two

I was hardly going to list all the k-pop groups I know, love and listen to.  'TVXQ and T-ara' kind of trips off the tongue due to alliteration.  Furthermore, considering Brookie's a boy, he's not necessarily going to be a hardcord boy group fan.  Many of my male friends I know will listen extensively to male bands/groups for rock, alternative, indie, etc. but not for pop, bar one or two catchy songs - they seem to go for girl groups and female artists when it comes to pop.  Having a well established male group (I could have picked any, to be honest, but DBSK/TVXQ was my first k-pop group) and a girl group just seemed truer to Brookie's character.

Also, I'm from a slightly older generation of k-pop fans that, while I enjoy the younger and newer groups (BTS, BAP and EXO actually being three of my favourites - I'm quite a big EXO-L), has not forgotten the heritage of the older groups.

(Third, just in terms of music taste, Big Bang and Beast have never interested me beyond one or two songs.)
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Three

  With the exception of Tristan and a couple of girls who came over greet the newbie, everybody else changed places so often it made Fran dizzy.
Nope. Just mentioned the boys' boarding house, not said it was an all boys school.
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Two

Something about the way he’d turned his head and the way he’d delivered the line made Fran even surer that she’d seen it somewhere before.
Actually, the vast majority of the posters are of Bruno Merton.  Plus people can look quite different without photoshop and makeup, especially if you're not expecting to see a celebrity in front of you.
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Thirty-seven

“It’s cogito ergo sum,” Fran corrected without thinking.
This is more in the realms of philosophy (it comes from Descartes), but it's possibly one of the most famous Latin quotes there is.  It means I think (cogito) therefore (ergo) I am (sum).
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Forty-four

“Oh, sorry, dear,” she apologised when Fran whimpered and pulled the sheet up over her head.  “Your temperature’s still very high, I’m afraid – it’s thirty-nine point seven.”
As a British person who never has to use Fahrenheit, I have no idea, but I reckon it's somewhere around 100?