Name: Darkace
Age: 22

How you came here is not important. Like me you may have gotten lost and are looking for way out but no not of which direction to take, be warned that the only way out is to go farther into the city, at least that is what I was told and now know that was a lie. The only way out is to trick others into getting lost and taking your place, but I think even this is a lie and the truth is there is no way out. The city will not let any leave!

I don’t know what is and what is not, I’m seeing things and don’t know what it is, am I seeing shadows moving or am I losing my mind and I don’t know how long I have been here.  

I am going to follow these shadows to find out if I am losing my mind or to find out if what I am seeing is real. THEY ARE REAL!!!

Things about me:)
I’m an easy going person 
I enjoy watching movies but do not have a favourite, but if there is a movie where superman dies then that would be it. 
Love Tea and will often talk about it. 
Prefer fruit from chocolate always have 
Hate wasps and bees except bumble bees which are tolerable
Will talk about zombies because they are awesome 
Final fantasy series is amazing 
Enjoyed the game (kingdom hearts) 
Dragon age origins is one of my favourite games and have played it way too much 
Scrubs was a very funny show 
Was sad watching some of the scenes from the movie (Up)
Watching Game of thrones, Lost girl, How I met your mother and a few others which I cant remember at the moment 
Love to read and that is why I am here 

Science fiction  

I am a guy just in case someone thinks otherwise 

If you have read this then make yourself some tea because tea is great
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