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I work in PR and as a byproduct get to do quite a bit of editing/writing at work - but it's all nonfiction  articles/speeches/press releases and unfortunately my name doesn't get to byline the articles I write (oh, the joys of ghostwriting!). I absolutely adore my job - but I miss creative writing! Creative nonfiction was my forte back in my not-so-ancient college days, but it's not what I like to read. I'm using Wattpad to practice my fiction skillz. Which admittedly are lacking.

The way I write is that I publish first...edit later. Easier to get the plot out there and then go back and refine the language and other minutia.

Favorite genres are epic fantasy, PNR, and urban fantasy, but I'll read anything. I'm in search of my reader soulmate who is as diehard a fan of Ilona Andrews as I am.

You can also find me on Twitter @sallyroseslater, follow my author page on Facebook at or check out my blog:

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Adventure #1 (Paladin)
Fantasy #1 (Paladin)
Romance #44 (Paladin)
Paranormal #8 (Magical PR 101)
Vampire #15 (Magical PR 101)

*Congrats to the first chapter Contest Winners! Check out their work:
 - @EJTaylor - Firebird
 - @Metaphorphosis - Avernus

Random fun facts:
- I'm crazy strong. I can deadlift 235 lbs (that's about 107 kg for my non-American fans)
- I'm a singer. I was trained classically (think Italian arias), but prefer to sing showtunes
- I have dual citizenship - U.S. and Germany. Aber ich spreche kein Deutsch.
- I drink obscene amounts of diet Mountain Dew (usually a liter per day)
- I have insomnia (see above on highly caffeinated Mountain Dew)

Want to know anything else, just ask! 

*I am not accepting read requests at this time. DO NOT advertise on my story. It drives me nuts.


Contest - With Prizes! (CLOSED FOR ENTRIES)

Contest - With Prizes! (CLOSED FOR ENTRIES)

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 12, 2014G
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The Untold Restricted Stories (Paladin Spoof/Extras)

The Untold Restricted Stories (Paladin Spoof/Extras)

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A Series of Random Essays & Musings

A Series of Random Essays & Musings

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Chasing Melody (A Harry Styles Fan fiction) - Chapter 1

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First Kisses

First Kisses

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Blue Sun - Chapter 1 (ON HOLD)

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Fantasy #818 / Adventure #981
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Magical PR 101

Magical PR 101

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First Kisses

Hehe, although that's not his real name :)
First Kisses

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