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First thing: I'm a huge SUPERNATURAL fan. I live in it. Dean Winchester is my familiar. I'm in love with him. Sue me.
I love music, horror, fiction, manga and anime.
I read pretty much anything. Dean Koontz. Eoin Colfer. J.K. Rowling. Anne Rice. Stephenie Meyer. Rick Riordan. Darren Shan. Stephen King. Christopher Paolini. Paolo Coelho.

I'm Asian. Yes I am. I have light brown skin, brown eyes and black hair :)
I love dogs. My fur baby is named Mojo Jojo (Yeah after the villain monkey in Powerpuff Girls), a shih tzu. My top 3 fave wild animals are penguins, pandas and killer whales
I like mangoes and watermelons.
Even though it's hot, I'd still prefer sunny days.
I sketch and sing, play guitar, organ. I cook and bake :)
I'm oftentimes a loner either by choice or by circumstance. I'm a socially incompetent in person--I suck at small talks, have low self-esteem and bipolar tendencies

Probably listening to the following as we speak:
Mayday Parade, 30 seconds to Mars, The Fray, Switchfoot, The Script, Dashboard Confessional, Snow Patrol, The Cab, Secondhand Serenade, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 5SOS
I consider Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran poets. Which is why they're not listed above.

I have a boyfriend who almost never gets angry no matter how crazy I am.
I love french fries of all things in the world
I believe in true LOVE! It's as real as Global Warming
I don't pretty much trust my writing ability but I am quite ambitious about it :)
If you're reading this I'll love you forever

P.S. I hope you're not a stalker
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Description: Ano naman sa’yo kung mamatay ako? Gusto mo ‘kong pigilan? Okay. Maglaro tayo. 31 days. You have exactly one month para hanapin ako. Find out who I really am. And then try to stop me. Kung kaya mo.

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Under Covers

Under Covers

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So these are my latest cover creations! If you have requests for covers I'd be happy to do them.

Gothic_Reader posted a message to Tsubame
Hi Ms. Shim,
      I just got my paperback copy of Reapers, when I saw it. I was speechless that after a long time looking for it I finally bought it.
      Thank You and I'm excited to read it. ^_^
Isabellal47 posted a message to Tsubame
I have been waiting a few hours I admit but I really really really would love another chapter of the third book of Reapers! you kind of left it on a cliffhanger. this makes me Vincent frustrated, which means some furniture might be destroyed and I really don't need Aramis on my case trying to calm me down when I really just wanna read more about her and Vincent. let's just have the logical decision that you update another chapter so no one gets hurt with a flying chair. 
      With lots of ,
      Your Die Hard Fan  #wannabefamiliar
swaggerAYA posted a message to Tsubame
miss I'm a very big fan of you. nung binili ko yung book mo na reapers: thirteen brothers, i can't get over it and binasa ko ng paulit ulit. ahaha. addicted na ako sa story mo. it was a life changer. now i see things in a different way. :)