A prolific writer with wide-ranging interests, Claire Chilton specializes in new adult fiction and speculative fiction, which includes genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy and romance. Hustle, her Harlequin debut, won the publisher's So You Think You Can Write contest on Wattpad.  Her previous books include a humorous young adult science-fiction series called The Squishies Series and a paranormal comedy series, The Demon Diaries. 

Claire Chilton is a web designer with an  honors degree in English Literature and a passion for great stories. She's done just about every job on the planet at least once, and she's won an award for being 'the most likely to trip over the red carpet and flash her arse at the cameras'.

After exploring the world in her misspent youth, traveling across Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, she now lives in an ancient Roman city in Yorkshire with her Californian fiance and a fluffy kitten called Shadow, who is convinced she is a bigger cat than she is. 

Website - http://www.claire-chilton.com 
WBOTS Website - http://www.wbots.co.uk
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Selkie - http://amzn.com/B00L8BMLLG 
Hustle - http://amzn.com/B00JTPTZWG 

Eve - TBA

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The Demon Diaries

Social data: 2M reads. 23.6K votes. 2.7K comments.

Description: The Demon Diaries are a series of paranormal comedy stories. A HINT OF MAGIC - Prequel Dora Carridine is fed up with her life as a preacher’s daughter and sets out to explore the darker side of life instead. If she can find some magic in the worl...

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3.9M 48.5K 3.8K

Her first heist was perfect until romance got in the way... Ellie Phillips doesn’t want to go to univ...

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Claire Chilton's Book Giveaways

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The Squishies Series

The Squishies Series

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DETENTION She’s been sentenced to teenage prison for breaking the rules... When Carla Mainston is se...

#459 in Science Fiction
A Hint of Magic | The Demon Diaries

A Hint of Magic | The Demon Diaries

50.7K 1.2K 175

Dora Carridine is fed up with her life as a preacher’s daughter and sets out to explore the darker sid...


Oh, I have days like that. Although, I think I'd die if my laptop packed in. I might stop editing and step outside! Like Jimmy, I wither in direct sunlight lol. I'm glad you got it sorted out, and I'm gald I can still surprise you with the endings. I've got big plans for this series once I finish off my other series. I'm still chasing deadlines on older series atm. Hitman edits, then Dora needs finishing.


I totally missed this. Try downloading Kindle for PC on your PC, or another thing you can do is just use the Kindle Cloud Reader in a browser on anything that can connect to the internet. If you go to you Amazon account on a browser and click on Manage Devices, there's a link to cloud readers and all the apps and things in there I think. I hope this helps. P.S. Thanks for buying the book! <3 Amazon support are really good for customers, so give them a shout. They can probably help you get it all working.

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Thanks for the tag by @fireflying505 to post 20 random facts about myself. Alright here you go. Here is why I'm so weird: 

1. The only bone I've ever broken is my skull (a bus hit it at 30 miles an hour).
2. I'm addicted to Diet Coke.
3. I’m an Irish-looking, American-sounding, English person with one working ear. The other one is decorative. (It’s very stylish).
4. I've been a vegetarian since I was five years old because I'm really, really stubborn.
6. I really don’t enjoy seriousness. I think it’s over-rated and far less enjoyable than the alternative.
7. I can read a 400 page novel in two hours. I can only write a 400 page novel in six months though *grumble*. 
8. All my fingers are double jointed. (Ooo flexible!) 
9. I love to dance, even though I have on occasion been twirled into a wall face-first.
10. I like to sing a lot. Nobody else appears to enjoy the sensation though :p.
11. I'm a World of Warcraft geek (pwnage).
12. If I could live anywhere, it would be in the ocean.
13. I've been a published writer for over twenty years now.
14. I have one older sister.
15. I can't walk in heels, but I can dance in them.
16. I have hundreds of unpublished stories in a filing cabinet that I keep meaning to edit and put out here.
17. I studied English Literature uni, and I studied for three years at The London Writing School.
18. My grandfather was a bookbinder, and my great grandfather was friends with Daphne du Maurier. 
19. My middle names are embarassing.
20. I was filmed on Look North wading through the flood in 1992. Unfortunately at the time I was jigging school and wading through it for fun. (Busted!)

Now I'll tag @TrinDenise, @MajaDiana and @Ctyolene to post 20 random facts.


I doubt it. I mean, never say never, but it kinda kills launch day. Like, to be an Amazon bestseller, you need to sell 100 books for a week, so 700 books (100 each day). Easy when you have 5 million readers, right? Nope. Hustle had 30 sales during release month, and I paid for 10 of them in gifts. Free seems to kill any chance of people buying the books. But then, there's the indie theory on it all. People who like free books won't buy them anyway. In that case, I guess I'm screwed. All my fans like free books. I'm thinking of asking Watty to let me sell adverts inside my books. Then I could f-off the bestseller lists and just enjoy all of this, and so could you. That hasn't happened though, so I'm at a crossroads on what to do next.

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Are you a writer? Are you looking for a publisher? If you are read this: http://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/202746340-What-If-I-m-Contacted-by-a-Publisher-%29,

I'm sharing this message on behalf of Wattpad. New writers get ripped off every day by bullshit publishers. Don't be one of them.

Also, on a side note from me: Even if a giant publisher picks  up your book, READ THE CONTRACT. Once you sell a book, you're never getting it back. Don't sign a deal if the money upfront isn't worth your whole book because that's what you're giving up.

Never sign a deal that stops you selling you other books as an indie. Never sign a deal that doesn't offer an advance. Never give your book to anyone without a legal contract that you agree with already signed, sealed and run past your attorney.

Contract/money first. Then they get the book rights.

Happy writing!


Thanks for all the great comments and votes everyone. Keep 'em coming. Also, tag me if you want me to reply. I always feel rude butting into the conversation if not. Sorry I've been AWOL recently. I've been remaking my website. It's in pieces and surrounding me in little sections at the moment, which is er, interesting.