Living With One Direction

   How would you feel if your family got in a car crash and died? Where would you go? What would you do? Meet Chloe Davis. She's 17. What she doesn't know, is that her long lost uncle is One Direction's manager. What happens when he's your God father, and you have to live with One Direction? Living with 5 boys is hard, but living with 5 gorgeous, famous, British/Irish guys is harder. 
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That was me and my bestfriend 4 years ago now I live in England and I don't talk to her anymore but she was like a sister to me.
I love this book I have read it like one hundred times. You are such a great writer.
I think I'd actually be okay if my family died, we all have a toxic relationship. I'd be sad but yeah
It's basically a cake with white frosting then black stripes so it looks like a zebra
" For Gods Sake, just go to the kitchen and get a damn zebra cake!" 

I cant even breath right now

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