My Puppy Turns Into A Hot Guy?! (Slow updates)

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Kash By TheCryingWolf Updated 2 months ago
"Ugh Mr. Pillow why must you be so hard?" I moan as I flip around. 
    I hear a quiet chuckle. Since when do pillows chuckle? 
    "I'm not a pillow, love." Mr. Pillow replies.
    Okay..Pillows do NOT reply! Or chuckle!..or chew bubblegum..or play...or. Anyways there is something wrong here. I shoot up and see a guy (a very hot guy) sitting on my bed. What do I do? I scream this.
    "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!....and where's my dog?"
    Book Made in 2014 
    (R) PG 
    Werewolf #942 
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what is going on? and why do the authors always call us names of endearment? it kind of freaky.
How about one of my characters? Allen? Rin? Ellmra? Look in my books.
how is she 10? if she could walk and talk wouldn't she be around 2 when she got the dog?
huh I wish it was that easy..... btw love ur  stories  :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)