The One That Got Away (Maybe)

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Dante West is a very successfully, very lonely businessman. While he was occupied building his company, he had no time for love. Because of an abrupt incident, Dante has gotten a new secretary, Nikola Winters, that he knew in high school. They dated briefly but one day Nikola just disappeared and Dante never saw her again. Now, Nikola's back and Dante wants to know why. Dante also wants to know if Nikola will give him a second chance or will she really be the one that got away.
RiKkiH RiKkiH 2 months ago
He's right you know, that not being a whöre, it's called being thirsty
xxShaz_ xxShaz_ 2 years ago
i love this story! from beginning till the end, it's so cute and sweet :) if there are lot of guy like Dante exist on the earth :D haha. love it!
vampriss vampriss 2 years ago
I agree with MonaAlona make your chapter longer. When I read this story, it catches my attention
LillieGuiness LillieGuiness 3 years ago
I do too. so far the casting is impressive. <3 Channing Tatum and James Franco.
MonaChiedu MonaChiedu 3 years ago
make your chapters longer hun. it gets good then you just cut it off too soon