Bella Notte

Vampires? Check. Werewolves? Check. Death prophecy to hang over your head? Double check. Seventeen year old Emma Hutchinson struggles to find her place in the world she has been born to as she tries to decide whether she should be with Michael, the boy she has been dreaming about since she was three or if she belongs with Dominic, her betrothed.
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I'm dying to finish Bella vita if I beg will you load it lol there are no good books left on here to read lol
and that, ladies and gents, is how you catch the attention of readers in an intriguing manner~
I'm new. And this is my second book. Even though is just a prologue its seem exciting. I'm gonna continue reading.
Very well written and great prologue. It was captivating and made me  want to continue reading.
This was amazing! Grabbed me from start to end! I'll diffidently add this to my reading list for all to see! -Foxy
Whhhaat order do I read all your stories in @jkimmelf. There is so many I want to read it right o: ???!!!

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