Vampires? Check. Werewolves? Check. Death prophecy to hang over your head? Double check. Seventeen year old Emma Hutchinson struggles to find her place in the world she has been born to as she tries to decide whether she should be with Michael, the boy she has been dreaming about since she was three or if she belongs with Dominic, her betrothed.
Anahi_Elis_Singe Anahi_Elis_Singe 7 days ago
I've done that. But in my defense my friend was trying to steal my food.
Anahi_Elis_Singe Anahi_Elis_Singe 7 days ago
I hate those dreams so much! I've had several repeating dreams since I was three.
truebeauty123 truebeauty123 12 days ago
*perverted smile* Baby, you're like bad cholesterol, you're stopping my heart.
Revelational Revelational 21 days ago
Animal farm is one of my absolute favorites, although I don't care much about politics. It was from an interesting p.o.v and the plot was intriguing.
Mika87 Mika87 a month ago
I'm pretty sure "something" will be biting you soon and I'm pretty sure that "something" is walking with you rn
Skyla_Carter Skyla_Carter 2 months ago
*Shudder* The perks of living in a neighborhood where no one cares if you have a dog or not.