Finding my Prince... Uh, is that supposed to be him? (Vampire diaries)

Just so I don't have to write this in every chapter, I DO NOT OWN DAMON STEFAN OR ELENA! They are the property of L.J. Smith and i do not intend copyright infringement, I just REALLY love damon :D So without further adieu, enjoy!
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She had only knew him for like five minutes and she's already judging her 'savior'
interesting idea :) i luuuurv Vampire Diaries! <3 a bit more descriptive and sensory detail would make this perfect ^^,
oh ok and i do enjoy your story. it is very interesting and never  really boring
Nooooooo.... it can't be anyone else except selena and damon! Lolol, cant wait for another chapter :)
@ScarletteLyn AWESOME and i'll be here waiting :p 
i never finish stories, i always run out of ideas!
aww love it! and i freaking love damon too
XD thanks for dedicating it to me
have fun at prom! (Y)

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