Wanting My Stepbrother (on hold)

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nakita4251 By nakita4251 Updated 11 months ago
Do you know how it feels to have feelings for your step brother? To want him, but to know he would never feel the same? How it hurts to see him with his girlfriend—the way he touches her, loves her, cares for her? The worst is to hear them having sex in the next room, only wishing it was you.

I know that it’s wrong and that I shouldn’t, but … I fantasize about him touching me. Making love to me. Only me. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I want him.

I want my step brother.

Warning: Contains Sexual Content ;) (Rater R)
SkittlesBishes SkittlesBishes 18 days ago
I have a gay bestie his names Louis and hes AMAZING omg he's literally the sassiest person--

Student- (says stuff)
Teacher- Louis can you repeat what she said.
Louis- no I wasn't listening 
Teacher- its important to listen to your classmates.
Louis- IT IS??
Totinos131 Totinos131 20 days ago
That reminds me of friends! Where Rachel keeps calling Ross' girlfriend a bitčh
Defining_Royalty Defining_Royalty 21 days ago
When She Yelled Out I Knew It Was Going To Be Him There I Was Just Waiting For It To Happen
wowamanda wowamanda a month ago
im sorry but if i was a guy i would want a girl with some curves
wowamanda wowamanda a month ago
im sorry but your like the only book i found with my boo colton so i love you so much
Cookcat21 Cookcat21 a month ago
Alexis should really check out this song called bang bang cause apparently she likes to be loud.