Wanting My Stepbrother (on hold)

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nakita4251 By nakita4251 Updated a month ago
Do you know how it feels to have feelings for your step brother? To want him, but to know he would never feel the same? How it hurts to see him with his girlfriend—the way he touches her, loves her, cares for her? The worst is to hear them having sex in the next room, only wishing it was you.

I know that it’s wrong and that I shouldn’t, but … I fantasize about him touching me. Making love to me. Only me. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I want him.

I want my step brother.

Warning: Contains Sexual Content ;) (Rater R)
mystic_99 mystic_99 4 days ago
Don't know why everyone is hating on alexis she hasn't even done anything besides being with her bf the only reason the main character hates her is because she's jealous though alexis is probably gonna turn out to be a bitch later on
_chaoticwrxter _chaoticwrxter 6 days ago
Hi Colton! What? NO! I'm not masturbating to you idiot. I WAS MASTURBATING FOR COLTON HAYNES! ARROGANT BISH.
_chaoticwrxter _chaoticwrxter 6 days ago
I just realized I had a comment here already..omfg. I already read this book cx.

itsmebro13 itsmebro13 14 days ago
Wtf. She's the main character of the story of course she's gonna hate her. I would to.
kingdenise kingdenise 19 days ago
hw is she a slur! when she would jump at the chance to b in her place at that exact moment ..lol jelly belly!
RebeccaRich RebeccaRich a month ago
Sometimes we just hate people that's just the way it is... Especially when they are with bae lmao