Wanting My Stepbrother

Do you know how it feels to have feelings for your step brother? To want him, but to know he would never feel the same? How it hurts to see him with his girlfriend—the way he touches her, loves her, cares for her? The worst is to hear them having sex in the next room, only wishing it was you. I know that it’s wrong and that I shouldn’t, but … I fantasize about him touching me. Making love to me. Only me. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I want him. I want my step brother. Warning: Contains Sexual Content ;) (Rater R)
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@justapril I know, I just think of random things like this, it's kind of weird...
I'm totally loving this story of yours. Can't wait for next chapter, hope it's soon. You are doing a great job.
I think it's funny because one of the tutors at my school is called Miss Alexis...
I want more of Colton and Ashlyn together :) I find their relationship so cute :) please update :D
I love it so much :) please continue writing and please please kindly update it :)
this is kind of incest. but everyone has their own imagination I guess.  anyway ur writing skills r really good

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