Who Knew The Jerk Could Read???

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emo_lover16 By emo_lover16 Updated 2 years ago
Veronica Harris was the school's loner. She was also a straight A student. One day, her perfect straight A life became one F'd up life when she's forced to tutor the biggest player in the school, Ryan Grey. Will she see right through his charm or will she fall into his trap like every other girl???
You described me, though I have green eyes and my hair is frizzy and to my waist ._.
I love the story but if she has all straight a's then she would have a 4.0 or higher.... Sorry C :
All I have to say is 'Jessika' sounds like my type of person... Anyways I'll continuee reading.
the long paragraphs are starting to bother me...they're a little hard for me to read.. :) but i like the story a lot!
I havexan imaginary "friend " too but her name is crystal and she's my opposite / twin she's annoying sometimes though great chappy keep it up :)
@Skylar_clouds At my school, classes aren't split by student grade-level.