Somewhere Only We Know (editing)

Proud Watty Winner “I can’t let you go Gabriel”, My eyes grew wide I didn’t know what to do I was shocked Ash was kissing me and I like it all my thoughts went away and my mind went blank. I closed my eyes as my mouth started to move with hers you know that electric feeling you’re supposed to get when you’re with you’re soul mate I was feeling that right now. She nibbled on my lip as I felt her tongue cross over my lip sensuously asking for entrance I automatically granted her access I felt her tongue glide gracefully into my mouth she tasted like Winter fresh she pushed me her body up against mines making me push harder into the brick wall, I heard a moan as she sucked and played with my tongue I think that was me I was running out of breath as we attacked each others mouth I think she was to because she pulled back and rest her forehead on mines, my eyes were still closed, we were both breathing heavy. I opened my eyes and looked at her she was staring me straight in my eyes. “I like you Gabby hell I think I might even actually love you” She said staring at me waiting for my reaction, her words just processed through my head Ash likes me or loves me then I thought about what Samantha said then what I saw then I realized something I just made out with a girl who just happens to be my best friend I didn’t know what to say so I did the next best thing that came to my mind I pushed her away slightly she looked at me hurt. “I’m sorry Ash but but I ccan’t” I stuttered with tears forming in my eyes she can’t say that to me..
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random but funny XD. is that the only sport you play? theres not alot to do around here but i play soccer
At my Field hockey game a girl was trying to get the ball and the ref yelled "not from behind". I died
I'm reading this book for the 2nd time and I'm still laughingnhard at this hahahahahaha
@ThisIsMyGetaway i was talking about the line, not about the whole book, its far from lame.
I actually clicked this book because Ruby Rose is on the cover and then I started reading it and I love it.
my name is Alicia! :D except I'm Mexican and it's pronounced like "Ah-Lee-See-Ah" 

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