Hunter Hayes Imagines

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Ashlyn Rose Carter By coffeeandsparkles Updated 3 days ago
Imagines about the one and only Hunter Easton Hayes. Aside from the details you give me, I think of all of these imagines on my own. If I use somebody's else imagine then I do give them credit.

Requests are accepted. PLEASE leave your requests in my inbox or message board. You can also leave me requests via Twitter @AshHayes249 or @HHImagineArmy. Also you can leave requests by Kiking me @AshlynHayes249 or if you just someone to start a random conversation then that works too.

Since I accept requests that means it does take me some time to post them. It’s really rare for me to update any story in general on Wednesdays because that’s when I’m on Twitter writing indirect imagines for everyone who retweets.

Love y'all to Pluto and back.

- Ashlyn Rose Carter xx

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*These are mostly requested imagines. If you want to read non-requested imagines, then check out “Insert Your Name”!
omg my name is morgan dover please write an imagine where he proposes on your birthday after you just had an agruement
Can u do an imagine with me and hunter hayes my name is makenzie
Whats weird is that a kid i know, his older brothers name is Hunter and his last name is Hayes
Hi! These imagines are amazing. May I please have one? Something like, Hunter finding out I'm pregnant or me telling him? Thanks!!
Can I have an imagine? Maybe something along the lines of he leaves or gets back from tour? Thanks beautiful! :) ~Amanda xx :)
Can you make me one please? You can surprise me! I love all of your imagines I read them everyday!