The Ignored Princess Meets the Tortured Prince

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myspecialworlds By myspecialworlds Updated 2 years ago
Kirsten Daniels, a very popular girl in school, and Lucas Thompson, one of the school's outcasts, get thrown together by fate. But will they try to keep their distance or will they get to know each other and find out that neither is what they appear to be? There are many obstacles in their way including Lucas's evil step-dad, Kirsten's mean boyfriend, and the entire school's expectations. Will they beat the odds and fall in love or constantly but heads and give up?
SandraStar66 SandraStar66 3 years ago
What kind of parents are these people; someone call child sevices!
SandraStar66 SandraStar66 3 years ago
When I read this on quizilla I wanted to cry, it is truely beautiful and, sadly, happens a lot now-a-days
830freckles 830freckles 3 years ago
I really like this stroy, fanned you and added it to my library right away!!! :)