For years, Lilith “Lily” McDermott was kept in the dark from the McDermott family secret. Now, her estranged father has asked that she join him on an exploit. Despite her father’s peculiar practices and unusual interest in the unknown, she yearns for an adventure outside her dull and ordinary life, and gladly partakes in the excitement.

When Lilith first arrives in the beautiful, untamed wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains, she is alive with feeling and a sense of belonging, but her journey takes a sudden dangerous turn when perilous truths begin to unravel and the dark Carpathian hills reveal a deadly secret of its own.

In the midst of darkness and betrayal, Lilith finds herself at the mercy of a dangerous and unworldly creature, baring fangs and a ravenous thirst that seems to yearn for her blood alone. She is frightened yet drawn by the creature that appears as a man but hunts as a predator. Can she find love in a world filled of darkness and insatiable desires?

Cover done by Neeavila.
ShashiXO ShashiXO 24 days ago
Loving this line, such a talented writer. I'm reading all your stories 
UdochiEkwerike UdochiEkwerike 2 months ago
@Saskkia that is told to be the origin of Dracula who was the first vampire. it's all just word of mouth myths
Saskkia Saskkia 2 months ago
@SashaGrz  why do they always say in books that vampires are from Romania in vampire novels... whats it about Romania and vampires?? am clueless
dawelys18 dawelys18 2 months ago
Was i the only one that thought about dracula from hotel Transylvania
MonsterCreation MonsterCreation 2 months ago
This story is amazing! Btw, what do app do you use to make your book covers?
SouthernBelle18 SouthernBelle18 4 months ago
You really are a talented writer. I'm drawn to this story right now