The Sex Goddess' First Love [TO BE PUBLISHED]

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Rain By Rain Completed

Warning: Not suitable for young readers or sensitive minds. Contains graphic sex scenes, adult language and situation intended for mature readers only.
I just started reading this yester yesterday and I already done reading it. I loved it :") I'll definitely buy a copy of this story.
Shet!! yung Leading Lady si Miranda kerr!! dapat basahin to ni Sehun!! hahaha. Sehun Idol mo oh!!
Hi, Rain, re-reading again...
can't wait for the hardbound copy!
sana walang cuts :)
waaaahhh. Ako rin! Gusto kong rentahan yung room na yun..  ^_________^
I'm not an introvert, but I spend almost all of my time alone having my own world through the books I read :D :) I love books more than food HAHAHA
ang sarap kaya magbasaaaaa!!
It is travelling without using even a penny.. IT IS DEFINITELY FUNN!