Spiritual Networking

Millie lives on the Internet. Her world is made up of binary numbers and Internet tabs. Paul is a Social Networking Pastor who helps bring those, that prefer the virtual world, to know Jesus Christ. What happens when they meet on Wattpad and begin a friendship that may change both of their lives?
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I feel as if in the next two minutes we're going to see Nev and Max then this is going to be another episode of Catfish. Sorry. Had to comment.
i love it so much that i am thinking the author and i have strong connection! <3
I love this so far!!! Awesome Christian fiction.

And I love how far you went to make it realistic with the website and acounts and stuff.
Just read the prologue and it seems really interesting. I'm definitely adding this to my reading list. Now I have something to read over Thanksgiving Break :)
I'm so glad I discovered your story on wattpad. This story is fascinating and I'm in love with it.
I have just started reading you story, and I must say I'm hooked. It's incredible!

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