My Ex: Harry Styles (on hold)

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Iloveonedirection9 By Iloveonedirection9 Updated 2 years ago
Amelia Adams a normal 18 year old girl, with not such a normal life. She is mothering HARRY STYLES baby! Harry doesnt even know, but will everything change when Amelia is forced to a one direction concert?
troublemaker_13 troublemaker_13 2 years ago
you're story was one of the best i've ever read ! i just loved it <3
itsangie_ itsangie_ 2 years ago
Okay , so I can see that you have worked on trying to decrease the number of exclamation marks in the dialogue and that's pretty good , I still think your characters are a weeeee bit too cheery :P but that birthday breakfast made me hungry :( Nice chapter !
xxitsmeishaxx xxitsmeishaxx 2 years ago
I'm pretty defensive about One Direction too :P
You didn't have a lot of description, setting and dialogue. There were too many exclamation marks. You need to edit this, is all I can say.
But good job :D
strawberryposh_14 strawberryposh_14 2 years ago
It's a little short but it's okay. Like @xohannah_bananaxo said, a little description would be fantastic.
strawberryposh_14 strawberryposh_14 2 years ago
One Direction! Huwaaaaaa! *u* This is very nice! I like it how you keep it cool with the reality! Amazing chapter plus it's ONE DIRECTION! Sorry, I just can't get over that :D Haha Reading on!
xohannah_bananaxo xohannah_bananaxo 2 years ago
Again, just a bit more detail and this will be fantastic! :)