Forced {A teenage prostitution story}

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Jessy__ By Jessy__ Updated a month ago
Taisa has been forced into the prostitution life by her father from the age of 11. With no one on her side, and mother killed she has no one she can trust that can get her out of the hell of life she's in. But one night when she decides she cant take anymore and leaves, is that the best thing or the worst? Follow Taisa as she goes through trying survive, heartbreaks and having to make a decision that will change her life forever.
fatimahmirza fatimahmirza 19 days ago
Whoops I mean "the professional prostitute" soz they're similar stories so I get confused
fatimahmirza fatimahmirza 19 days ago
This story is kinda like "hard out here" but still, it's really giod
CandyDreamer101 CandyDreamer101 9 months ago
I live in NC. Anyways I can not live in a place that is dirty eather
Tashanna24 Tashanna24 2 years ago
omfg her dad iz a azz hole im glad she left but livin in a house wit men gon b sumting else lol gud chpter!!!!!!!!<3