Forced {A teenage prostitution story}

Taisa has been forced into the prostitution life by her father from the age of 11. With no one on her side, and mother killed she has no one she can trust that can get her out of the hell of life she's in. But one night when she decides she cant take anymore and leaves, is that the best thing or the worst? Follow Taisa as she goes through trying survive, heartbreaks and having to make a decision that will change her life forever.
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I hope they didn't have sex nd I'm mad at the fact her dumb ass was drinking nd she pregnant. Pleaseeee updatee
Wait I thought she got in the bed with Michael not MARCUS!?! Oh shit!!! You gotta update soo cuz!!!!
wat she preggo dats dutty if she slept wit him den again it happens lol please update soon!!!!!!!!!!<3
omfg her dad iz a azz hole im glad she left but livin in a house wit men gon b sumting else lol gud chpter!!!!!!!!<3
Marcus seems fake but so real she needa get all the money she can a nd take care of her baby cuz we all noe she is pregnant
I do NOT like Marcus. She need to get away like yesterday she need to get back to the house with the boys . I wanna know what happens next plz update soon

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