Fight for You (Kellin Quinn Love Story)

Armani's brother and his band are going on tour for almost six months. Her and her brother, Jesse Lawson of Sleeping with Sirens, are as close as can be and now he's leaving. Not only is her brother and best buddies leaving but her crush Kellin Quinn. When she takes her best friend's advice to tell Kellin before he leaves what can go wrong. But Kellin doesn't exactly give her the response she's hoping for. What will things be like six months later when Armani has taking hold of her life. What will happen between her and Kellin. Will she lose a best friend?
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Why are you so stupid gurrlll?! He didn't felt the same way you felt for him! Gurrllll you need to get your shiit straight
I thought Armani was dating Casey? How can she be asleep if she just let him out and was sleeping on his shoulder?
Did he just... Did he really just... And then he just... No! No! No! No! No! No!
This is an amazing chapter!! ;D I shall continue to read more!! ;D keep up the good work !! :D givin mr chills ;D
Omg I want to find out what Kellins thinking!! Are you ever going to do his POV? This chapter was awesome<3
Loved the chapter! I can't wait for your next update please be as soon as possible!!

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