The Bad Boy, The Sat Nav and Me

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Kate By Lilohorse Completed
"You're the good little church girl, this sort of thing shouldn't have happened!" Hunter exclaimed and I scoffed. "Please, you're the badass gang member, you shouldn't have got us lost!" I retorted, only to be rewarded with a scowl. "I'm a gang leader, not a navigator!" 
    Being the girlfriend of Sheffield's toughest gang leader isn't all it's cracked up to be. With a break from University and after hours of convincing Hunter to sit back and relax, Andy decides it's time for a holiday. Staying in an Italian villa and working as lifeguards to pay off the room seems like the perfect getaway. That is until their night of freedom takes a wrong turning. Lost in Italy without their money and essentials, the couple are lost, homesick and a tiny bit aggravated. But where you have Hunter and Andy, you also have hours worth of arguments, bets and accidental detours. Not to mention the oh-so helpful advice from their dance troop and friends. Forget fighting as a member of a gang, getting back to their villa in one piece is going to be their biggest challenge yet.
    Badboy Isn't my Type spin off.  Bad Boy Isn't My Type doesn't have to be read, this is also a stand alone novel.
Is this book still in the wattys because if it is I would vote except that I don't know how?
I read the first part and loved it!!!!!!  Hope this is just as great.
Omg!! Im so excited to read this book!!  (jumping like a 5 year old)
The bow and arrow tattoo 
                                    Hahahaha hunter is stuck with the tiara instead
OMG WHERE ARE THE REST??!! WE CANT FORGET ABOUT DES LUKE OR KYLE. The author didn't even mention them in the last few chapters in the very first book. 
why is it just now that they mention their ages. How old is Hunter?