The Rejection Comes From Me This Time, Alpha

Abused, Bullied and Rejected. These are the 3 things that happen to Ariola Blade whilst she's at home, in school and working as a servant in the pack house. The pack describe her as ugly, pathetic, loser... But that day when she goes to school to find out, that Jake Smith is her mate. Problem is, is that he's her number one bullier. He's a jerk in some people's opinion and is the number one player at the school too. He's the Alpha... He rejects her in front of all his friends, humiliating her. She decides that she can't take it anymore and runs away to an Alpha of another pack that has proposed (by e-mail) that Ariola should come and live with him and his pack. Few years later,Jake's pack has to stay with Ariola's because of Rogues and hunters in the area. She's changed BIG time... Bu what her old pack don't know is that she's different from everybody around her.
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With all my heart I cannot stand when they cry...  like man up u didn't give a flying fuck before.
I hate the way people cry when someone they bully and abuse leaves them I mean come on it's THEIR FAULT
At least she lives in Canada and not England. I have no idea how their money system works xD

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