Risks of Absurdity

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Isabelle88 By Isabelle88 Completed
Sydney knew her life would never be normal but lately she wished for the impossible. There's a threat to her pack and another one to her heart after caution is thrown out. She's facing high school, pack life, a bratty sister, an impending marriage, and a deadly threat in the form of a fellow pack member.
This should be good! No way is her attitude a turn off. It could very well become humorous. Anyway hope this is a long saga. Thank you for a fine read.
Yes another fine story in the making. I have absolutely no idea how you can writing so consistently. However you do it keep doing it. Thanks.
I like it! No mistakes in here and your storyline sounds fab!
Sydney is totally badas$. all I gotta say is "watch out Austin cuz this kitty has claws,"  and pleze upload wen u get the chance!  o_O
Iv been hoping for some good new stories, this like it's going to be good
i like the idea of this story!!!! Upload soon so i could get a different point of view!!!!!!