Risks of Absurdity

Sydney knew her life would never be normal but lately she wished for the impossible. There's a threat to her pack and another one to her heart after caution is thrown out. She's facing high school, pack life, a bratty sister, an impending marriage, and a deadly threat in the form of a fellow pack member.
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Hmm! Sidneys Plan might just backfire on her. Oh well that's what makes it interesting. Anyway fine chapter hope there are lots more. Thank you.
This should be good! No way is her attitude a turn off. It could very well become humorous. Anyway hope this is a long saga. Thank you for a fine read.
Yes another fine story in the making. I have absolutely no idea how you can writing so consistently. However you do it keep doing it. Thanks.
Sydney is totally badas$. all I gotta say is "watch out Austin cuz this kitty has claws,"  and pleze upload wen u get the chance!  o_O
i like the idea of this story!!!! Upload soon so i could get a different point of view!!!!!!

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