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A Very Awkward Story- Starkid Inspired


Setting and scene: Emma, Darren and Riley are at Darren’s house. Emily is sitting on the couch, Riley’s lying on her lap, and Darren’s playing PS3.

Riley: Heeyy!! Darren!!

Darren: Eh? *not listening*

Riley: Darren!!

Darren: Hmm? *not concentrating.

Riley: Oh forgot you. Emma? Are you coming to the game this arvo?

Emma: Yes...I, I am. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t SUPPORT AND LISTEN!!

Darren: Guys keep it down, I'm winning.

Riley: Oh so the fact that Dooney's going to be playing has nothing to do with the game?? *winks*

Emma: His name is Criss!! And were just friends I-

*phone rings and everyone goes silent*

Riley: Aren’t you going to answer it!

Darren: It’s not mine.

Emma: Not mine. Must be your mum's then. Just ignore it.

Riley: Nice try Em. That’s your ringtone. Why aren’t you answering your phone? Who could possibly be calling that- Oh I know.

*sits up and faces Em, digging through her pockets looking around her*

Em: Stop, it’s not mine *giggling, hitting his hands away.

Riley: Ah ha! *finds the phone and grabs it.

*phone stops ringing*

Riley: You got a-

Em: Give it back!!

Riley: missed call from....lover boy.

*throws the phone at her*

Riley: Call him back, otherwise he might panic *grinning*

Darren: Hold on! *pauses game* Are you talking to that Jerkoff!!

Riley: Holy flying frunk, he just paused the game. That poor neglected pause button, at last. It’s a cause for celebration!!

Em: He's not a jerk-off. I don’t know why you don’t like him. He's just my friend.

Riley: Party freaking party!!

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Act 1: Part 1; The three best friends that you ever did see


Lauren Lopezas Emma Larsen
Brian Holdenas Riley Spur
Darren Crissas Darren Macabee
Joe Walkeras Criss Dooney
Elle Macphersonas Rachel Sanders

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