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The School: Bad Boy Is A Daddy (SYTYCW)


Okay all you crazy TSBBIAD fans here is the next chapter of the story! I know I took a while to post but, not as long as it's taking me to update my other stories which I am in the process of writing up...I would've put this chapter up earlier but, my freaking internet kept going out and now it's BACK ON!!! YAY!!!


“Again ” Celeste huffed as she and Jay worked through the numerous routines they had.

“You are going to kill us.” Jay huffed resting his palms against his knees. “We need to take a break.”

“We can’t afford to take a break,” Celeste said pausing her movements. “If we want to win we need to keep going.”

“If we keep going my feet will SERIOUSLY fall off.” Jay murmured 

“Stop being a freaking baby, Jay, gosh.” Celeste grumbled “You’d think I’m running a sweat shop with the way you’re complaining.”

“Well you’re running me harder than a fucking sweat shop at the moment.” Jay complained sounding much like a tantrum throwing child.

“The competition is tomorrow and I just want everything to be perfect.” Celeste sighed leaning against the wall.


Celeste and Jay had been at it nonstop since she had returned from school. It was already nine and night and Celeste wanted to keep going. In less than twenty-four hours they would be in Phoenix, they didn’t have time to waste. Everything needed to be perfect.


Hunter was huddled in the corner with his fist tight against his mouth, holding off his laughter. He had been here everyday recording their practices since Nate was unable to take off of work for the rest of the week. So because of that Hunter was appointed by Nate to film the practices for him. It had been such a treat for him to do so. Being in the same room as Jay and Celeste these last few days had been quite entertaining. Hunter couldn’t wait to edit everything that had been filmed, he was going to make sure to include their squabbling in the final cut. 


“Let’s just call it a night and we do a run through tomorrow.” Jay said straightening from his crouched position. “You’re staying home from school tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah,” Celeste nodded 


Celeste really did not want to stop now but knew they had to. If they worked themselves over even more there would be no way they would be able to compete tomorrow. Sighing Celeste scrubbed her hands over her face. She needed to relax. 


“I’ll be back in the morning. We’ll run through the routines and then drive to Phoenix.” Jay said walking over to Celeste and kissing her forehead. “Get some rest, we’ve got a long weekend ahead of us.”

“See you tomorrow, night.” Celeste called out to Jay as he headed back upstairs. 

“This video is going to be awesome once it’s edited.” Hunter grinned 

“Why are you still filming anyway?” Celeste asked confused.


She was pretty darn sure that they had enough footage for the project so she didn’t seen the need for Hunter to keep filming.


“We’re going to film you during the competition.” Hunter shrugged “When Nate and I edit all the footage we’re going to put the practice sessions and final performance together so everyone can see it from start to finish.”

“Whatever you say,” Celeste yawned


She hadn’t really realized how tired she was until that moment. Hunter followed her up to the living room where they parted ways. Once Hunter had left Celeste went up to room. She wanted to have a soak in the tub to ease away the tense muscles from all the practicing she had been doing for the past two weeks. 


“Perfect,” Celeste sighed as she lowered her body into the water. 


Leaning her head against the edge of the tub Celeste closed her eyes. The heat of the water worked it’s way through all of Celeste’s tense muscles. She was sure that a massage was in order after the competition or maybe when they got to Phoenix tomorrow. Closing her eyes Celeste let the warm (well slightly hot) water ease away any left over tension. Letting the smell of the bath oils she had put in the water relax her mind and body. 


Laying there in the bath Celeste though about the up and coming weekend. Tomorrow at around lunch she would be on her way to Phoenix for the first dance competition she’s been in, in a while. Oh how she prayed that she and Jay would place. In the last few competition they had been in the other couples were unbelievable beating them by a mile. She hoped that their new routines would blow the judges away. 

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