Baby, I'm Gone (A Mindless Behavior Story)

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Hi! My name is Joy! This is my second story on Wattpad. I just want to let you know: Before you start reading, I hope you enjoy reading this book. You might fall in love with my story, you might hate it. If you enjoy it, please become a fan! If you don't like it... I tried. Ooh, time to go! Enjoy! 


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Paige Hurdas Adrienne Williams
Jacob Perezas Princeton
Raquanas Ray Ray
Craig Crippen Prodigy
Logan Browningas Pooh
India Westbrooksas Gevon
Dymond Goodsas Leah
Kyla Prattas Savannah
Daniel Simmonsas Diggy
Jaden Smithas Jaden
OMG Girlzas OMG Girlz

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