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Bittersweet : The Bittersweet Saga #1


Girl in photo - Faith

Faith's POV

Never thought this would ever happen to me. It's like it's all a dream. But it's not, it's reality. My life will probably never be the same again. If it never happened I seriously would not be here right now. If we never met them. If we never moved. Our life's would have been soo much different. We used to live in California. Me, my sisters. Mom and dad.

We had lived in California for a while so I got used to it all. All of my closest friends were there. Everything and one that I need was there for all of us. Life was just near to perfection. I can remember that day, that one day that changed things for me and my sisters.

So I was at home in the living room, playing with my toys. Mum was in the kitchen cooking delicious food, like she always does. The rest of my sisters was about the place messing about. Dey and Jerika probably fighting.

Dad then walked down the stairs from his office and told us to all gather around in the living room. So mom then dropped the dishes in the sink and came over to the living room while drying her hands. The rest of my sisters came running down the stairs like maniacs. When we was all in the living room he said that he had got a call from work not a while ago saying that he had just been promoted to CEO of the company. Mom was overjoyed and so were we.

He then told us that he had another surprise, mom rushed to his side and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he did the same to her. From my point of view I thought it would be like a holiday or somewhere since he did promise that he would take us somewhere really nice. Those words he told us, were the words I would never forget. At first I didn't believe him but when he said it you could tell he wasn't joking. It weren't like I was not happy or anything. It was just I was in shock.

' We have decided; me and your mom. That it was best if we all moved to Atlanta' .

Those words really did hit me. In a way I was really happy that we were moving away. Going somewhere new and exciting. But; at the same time I was sad, because of what I had in California. I loved my life there; I had everything that I wanted here in California. Well, not everything but most things. Not that i'm a selfish or anything.

It wasn't long until we had to leave. Time went went by so quick when usually it went kind of slow. We had already packed our stuff; said goodbye to our neighbors and most of our friends in our area.

But the hardest thing to do was to say goodbye to that one place we called home. The place we had all those memories; the place I grew up in. Everyone else was getting in the car. Mom and dad was putting stuff in the car and all I was doing was just standing outside our house. In a way I did think that I would miss our house. Another part of me was glad we were leaving.

In just a few hours we were at the airport getting ready to go on the plane which would take us to Atlanta. On the plane I could not get any sleep whatsoever. I guess I was too excited; or maybe because I really wanted to get off the plane since the food was nasty. Also there were pervs on the airplane which really creeped me out and go my dad really pissed. Which was totally funny.

The plane finally the plane landed - which made me really happy - and everyone rushed out of their seats and got their stuff ready. The way I got off that plane I literally made sonic look like a snail. We then got into our limo which dad had got us to take us to our new house which really made me happy. It was a really sweet of him to do that - such a gentlemen - and made mom scream like mad and hug him so tight; he started complaining that he couldn't breath which made us all laugh.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day. The sun shining in the sky while the clouds made pictures in the sky. You could hear the birds chirping. Children running about. The wind blowing softly on our skin. Jerika running about like mad and Dey giggling next to dad at the limo. I really did feel like I was home.

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