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Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated Hearts Series) Complete


*****Now for Book No. 3*******

“Whispers of Hope”

2011 All RIghts Reserved

Chapter 1 (Marissa) ***Edited by MidnightStorm***

“Missy,” a familiar high-pitched voice called out.

Lifting my head up from the photo album I was browsing through, I stared at my sister who was standing at the door.

“Yeah?” I replied. Cara, who’s only a year younger than me, has been in a real pissy mood since we moved back to Florida. She has done nothing but whine for the last week about how she had to leave all of her best friends and a boyfriend that she had only been going out with for a week and swears that life as she knew it was now officially over. Such a drama queen. Three years ago I was ripped away from the same type of situation against my own wishes and I dealt with it; she can find a way to deal too.

“Can I come in?” she asked. Her tone was soft and she looked hesitant, which was totally unlike the typical outgoing Cara that I was used too.

“Sure,” I told her and sat up, patting a spot on the bed beside me as an invitation. I closed my photo album and laid it down on my other side.

She strode across the room and plopped down next to me. She was wringing her hands and looking down at her lap, which was a clear sign that she was nervous about something. I sat there quietly for several moments waiting to see what this little visit of hers was about.

Cara looked back up at me and I saw that her green eyes, which resembled the color of sea foam, were glistening. She looked as if she was about to cry.

I scooted over to her and wrapped my arm around her. My big sister instincts were clearly taking over.

“What’s wrong, Care?” I asked, my voice full of sincerity.

Her breath hitched and the first sob came. “I, I’m scared Missy. What if they don’t like me? What if everyone hates me? What if they all make fun of me?”

I had to struggle to hide my smile. Cara was one of the most eccentric people in the world and usually drew others to her, but she didn’t adapt to change very well.

Patting her back for reassurance I told her, “Everyone will love you Care, how could they not?” Stroking her long, coppery hair in an attempt to soothe her I continued trying to build her confidence. “Look; you’re pretty, you’re nice and everyone is going to think you‘re the best thing since sliced bread.” I tried to chuckle at the end of my statement to lift her spirits. That didn’t work and when her sobs became louder I just rolled my eyes.

Such a freaking drama queen, I thought again. All I could do was sit beside her until the awful sounds subsided.

When she was left with only hiccups, I patted her back and asked, “Better?”   

She looked up at me, and what a sight. Her eyes were all red and swollen and her cheeks were tear-stained, with a snotty nose to complete the look.

She nodded and I fought to hold back my laughter. “Hold on a minute,” I told her. I couldn’t take that nose any longer. Walking to the bathroom I just grabbed the whole roll of toilet paper and brought it back out to her.

When I stepped back into my room I froze.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I demanded.

She jumped in response and looked as guilty as a cat burglar being caught red-handed.  She was holding my prized photo album. The one I had made in freshman year with all my pictures of me and Zach. The one that I always flipped through when I was sad. The one that held the memories of my last days of true happiness. The very one that I didn’t share with anyone, not even my busybody of a sister. It was private and it was mine alone to look at.

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Alex Pettyferas Zach
Amanda Seyfriedas Amy
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Anna Sophia Robbas Liza
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