Hello, readers! It has been so long since my last update on my last book. Forgive me. Life has just taken over the passion of writing and so, I've found myself with no time to indulge in this hobby of mine. I have 2 messages to share:
          	First, to those that continuously report authors who steal other people's works, thank you. My heart is full of gratitude for the care you guys have to fight the good fight. Nobody should claim the hard work of others for the sake of followers. 
          	To those that continue to ask how I'm doing and worry if anything has happened, thank you for your kindness. I am alive and well, working and studying at the same time. The pandemic has also kept me busy with new hobbies so writing has taken a backseat in the last couple of months (or years).
          	Sadly, I have no immediate plans on updating any of my chapters at the moment. Writing chapters take a serious amount of time that I don't have to spare as of yet. I will try if I can but I would suggest not having high hopes for the near future. 
          	Again, thank you all for the support! It was a wonderful chapter of my life I spent writing for your enjoyment. This is not the end because I'm sure I'll be back. But, for now, ciao!
          	Yaoichibi out! Peace~


@yaoiChibi what happened to the "I Married..." series


I wish you the best on your new journey! I just wanted to let you know that your "I'm married to
          	  Who' series is not available on Wattpad. If
          	  You get the time please repost them


@yaoiChibi Thank you so much for updating us!! Stay safe! 


My heart breaks everytime I remember that the "I'm married to who?!" series is gone 
          It will be dearly missed.
          Is it possible to post it on Inkitt? Or you also dont have it anymore


Hey Author!! Hope you're doing great:) 
          Just wanted to say that, can you please update about "I'm married to who" series and "Love knows no weight"!! Everyone is looking forward to it. We all will be so thankful if you do that. I'm sure everyone will be happy even if you upload it on any another platform. I was looking forward to buy them on Amazon but it wasn't there :( please come back if possible (╥﹏╥)


Yes pleaseeee


Yesss please!!!!!!!!


Yess please!!!!


this message may be offensive
Why is this happening to me !!????.. I wanted to read married to who series but the story isn't theree.. and just before I wanted to read some stories and it also wasn't fucking there..
          I can't read what I wanted whyyyyyyyy


Mabuhay ! Fellow filipino here. I badly want to re read love knows no weight. Unfortunately its gone here in wattpad . Hope you would come back here one day and update us. 


if someone still has the second book from the im married to who series, can you PLEASE share it with me? Just reading the caption will make my day. I only have the book im married to who the first one. Eventhough I can only read the caption


Man I was about to read your stories but I don’t see it anywhere :/ Idk what happen but I hope u are doing well 


Hey! I hope you're doing well author. I wish you can bring back the I'm Married to Who series. It's seriously one of my favorite series, I have even read it couple times and that's something 'cos I don't usually reread books even if I find them great. Anyway, hope all is well for you. Wishing you all the best!