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Hello  Author-chan Can you do me a favor (don't laugh at my idea )
          Hazbin Hotel/Hellova Boss  x Human reader 
          The reader is a girl with unparalleled angelic beauty. She was very beautiful like angels and God, and everyone who looks at her falls for her and her beautiful, sweet beauty. Whether a girl or a boy, they will find themselves loving her obsessively and madly because of her angelic beauty.She is an icon of beauty, the epitome of beauty, femininity and seduction Girls look ugly near her Because she was very short and shy too. It is very pure Her favorite neighbor dies and she is forced to make a deal with a demon, and she chooses the Princess of Hell to make a deal with her. But in return, the reader had to remain in hell 
          What will our sweet heroine do after the Yandere female and male characters become obsessed with her and also sanctify her from the first sight and want her for them at any cost, and their obsession develops? 
          If you don't mind  have a nice day