oh my god. how did I not see any of these????? well...I’m alive! sorry to everyone I worried, I was just doing school! LMAOOO new updates coming soon!!


@xoAwkwardDiamond Hi! pls when you update just like say something about it here because my notifications dont work-


Guys, before she didn't update for a year, you can read in her authors notes in fighter, so she's probably not discontinuing it, just taking a break


@Emily_WC yes that makes sense i’m soooo excited for update soon


Yea I agree, I mean authors usually point it out and they just lost interest. The author clearly loves the book and might be taking a break.


Hii! Just wanted to say I love your story with a passion. The details were just incredible and if someone could win an award for a fan fic I think you should totally win one! I’ve noticed that you haven’t updated in months (literally broke my heart), but I really hope you’re doing well. I hope life is treating you well and everything’s going great. We all miss you and you’re writing and I really hope that you update soon. Lots of love, hope you’re doing okay