Hello, well sorry if you can still feel my awkward tension through the screen through this text. Anyways, I'm just gonna go by Kai, and I'd just like to preface that I am a later in life diagnosed Neurodivergent woman of color. I tend to use the same FCs in stories and mix n' match FCs that I feel would go together in different stories and different fiction universes that I write. So if you're not into that, I'm sorry then my content is not for you unfortunately. I love to read all sorts of genres. From romance to sci-fi to thriller mysteries. As a writer it takes me a while to stay consistent with an idea as I am always thinking of infinite possibilities of where the plot can go. Basically my mind is always creating a multiverse for every story I have written. 

I have had published works on here before and honestly have unpublished some as they were written in a time where I wasn't sure who I was as a person and still figuring out my voice and values and how to separate my personal feelings and emotions from my characters. In other words I was very young. Now as someone who has done a lot of growth and personal development since then I would like to make sure I complete my stories before publishing them so that you guys as the community and readers do not have to wait for an update or worry about if the story has been abandoned.t
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AWAE Short Stories & One-Shots by xlovelyminds17x
AWAE Short Stories & One-Shots
Welcome to the world of Avonlea, where I shall take you on an adventure in a series of short stories and one...