Name: Hayley
Gender: Female (but you never know!!!! O_O)
Interested in: Males (Sorry ladies but I like the D :P)
Age: Ask me :)
Reason for being here: Because I can be and my friend convinced me to join this site. So far so good.
*Popcorn (mmm buttered popcorn = heaven!)
*Interesting conversations
*Hateful people
*Waiting lines (they're too long! -_-)
*Bad breath (like have you ever heard of breath mints? >.<)
*When TV remotes decide to be ninjas
I don't really have any friends on here, so if you want to talk or something just message me. I'll be awaiting your message o_O
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    Apr 28, 2012 12:14PM

xhayleysummersx xhayleysummersx Apr 25, 2013 01:29AM
@BrutalBambi Sure, I'd be happy to! :)
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One Shade of Grey (A Feminist Fantasy)

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Description: Not mine! Just thought it was a little funny in my eyes. I'm weird :/


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A Collection of Poems

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