Hi, I'm Danni

Got any questions about my characters or the general writing process behind them?

If you click the little house button above, you will be taken to my facebook writing page. Add me and talk about writing!

Wanna follow me on tumblr to hear about me scream about tokyo ghoul? I also blog Madoka Magica and Evangelion, but fair warning it is a fandom blog!


I'm 20 and lame. I'm always up for talking about it my interests. My favourites are: Tokyo Ghoul (Mainly the manga) Madoka Magica, The Melancholy/Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, Evangelion, Bakemonogatari, Fruits Basket, Shakugan no Shana, Angel Beats, Attack on Titan, Death Note, and loads more I'm forgetting.

Kaneki Ken is my husband.

I'm always up for giving back to my readers but please don't ask for reading requests if I don't know who you are. I also do covers. Please ask if I have a thread open tho and do NOT request via PM.

Random Facts about me:

Pokemon and Digimon are my favourite things ever. I legit cried when in Digimon they had to leave their Digimon behind at the end.

I have a pet magpie named Ping.

I'm a film and television student.

I own a Gerard Way action figure.

I really do have a pet magpie named Ping.

I was killing before killing was cool.
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x_Luminous_x x_Luminous_x Feb 09, 2016 11:27PM
I'm gonna continue on with Losielette. Given how little there is left and how much I've already written, I guess i owe it to myself. Sorry for the drama. I'm still making editing TTWP my priority, bu...
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Losielette And the Boy With The Mechanical Heart (Watty2015)

Social data: 216K reads. 6.6K votes. 1.5K comments.

Description: Losielette is a quiet girl living in 1924, whose life is comfortable, yet dull. That is, until she's kidnapped by a rogue time traveller on the night of her wedding. Her captor is a dark-haired, wild looking...

#371 in Fantasy


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