Hey guys! My name is Shreeya, and obviously I love writing, otherwise I wouldn't be on Wattpad now, would I?

Attention- I will soon start writing my book, Just Another Mistake (Book One of The Lost Lovers Trilogy) on Wattpad

A few things about me:

--> I am super lazy, and horrible at updates, so sorry about that. Anytime you need an update, feel free to send me a PM, as long as it's been at least a week since my previous update

---> I'm only 15, but don't judge my writing purely based on my age, okay? Thank you.

---> I am a girl (Just saying...)

---> Believe it or not, my whole life does not actually orbit around Wattpad, as much as I would love for it to be. I do have other commitments, so if I don't update within two weeks, forgive me. If I don't update within a month, yell at me

So, yeah. Other than those very important facts about me, I'm an average person, who is often overly cheerful and smiles way too much.

Also, if you read this far, congrats! Comment on my profile with your fav food
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