I'm crazy, hyper and pretty much insane but everyone loves me for it! There one thing I don't get destrac-ooh shiny O.O wait what was I saying? Oh yeah there's this pretty famous British-irish band called one direction that I fell head over heels for there music and personality they made me realize you only live once do why not go out with a bang so thank you guys :b On to my about me....
I'm 14(as of march 3rd)
I love pokemon
I'm short
I love wolves and soccer
I love Greek mythology
I hate bullying.makes me mad
My favorite color is blue and then neon colors
I play percussion instruments you know drums, bells those kinds of things
Caution:may geek out without warning
I LOVE sour candy its awesome expecaly war heads!
Movie:roudolph,gaurdians of ga'hoole,lemonade mouth,fox and the hound,bambi,lion king
Cartoons,spongebob!,phineas and ferb,family guy,the Simpsons,adventure time
I'm still in the 1000s for letters and I'm running out of things...
My favorite smiley is :b I know its supposed to be :p buti started doing it like :b because my friend always put :p at the end of his sentences so I put :b at the end of mine :b

@sirladdingtontheIII(you can have all the friends in the world but nothing comes close to my best friend rite here even for being an ocean away:b)

@Loganlaboube(his poems a great you should read them!)

@shamrockhorse(she is my mommy lol)

@blondallmegedon(He's a Greek myth loving awesome werewolf story writer!)

@babybluebubbles(my aunt Yup I'm missing my twin)

@momosage(he is obsessed with roleplaying)

You should fan them you mess with them I Kill you good day :b
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96% of teens won't stand up for God.
Put this on your page if you're one of the 4% who will.

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    elmos world! he lets me play with his golfish
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