Always-frustrated teenager (Ugh, politicians). Loves Korean boy bands (TVXQ!). Reads a lot of manga (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST IS THE BOMB). Wannabe writer (obviously). Thinks Hero Jaejoong and Enrique Iglesias are the hottest guys ever (look at their faces!). Currently addicted to Masterchef (Gordon is awesome). Still working on her first novel (a major work in progress).

Likes/Loves: Gossip Girl (before season three), New Girl (JESS!), Boys Over Flowers (me=obsessed with it. Read the manga and watched several TV adaptations), writing and reading (duh), Pikachu (So. Freaking. Adorable), pens (much better than pencils in my opinion), "Bad Girl" by Beast (So. Darn. Catchy!), shirtless pictures of Hero Jaejoong (Oh. My. God), rambling (as you can see from this profile)

Dislikes/Hates: the radio (it murders songs for me through overexposure), racists (why can't we be friends?), crappy sequels (Mulan II, anyone?!), crappy film adaptations of good books (Two words: PERCY JACKSON), homework (who likes it?)
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