NEW CHAPTER IS UP FOR TARGET !!!!! Please go and check it out


I have been following your work since Dec  2014, and I absoloutely adore your works!!! 
          Big fan of Loki, so major fan of your feeds. Please keep making new reads, they're awesome! 
          Recently followed your instagram, mines @mlfeeney98
          Thanks for the many years of reads! love an best wishes x 


Big fan of your work can’t wait for the last few chapter of sweet dream. I love the book and the others keep doing what you doing. Your awesome 
          P. S big fan


Okay so the next chapter is currently 3000 words long. Why couldn't I write stuff that was that long for my school essays.... But its a good thing, because it's all juicy stuff which is going to break a few more hearts if I haven't done that already ;)