Twenty five things you probably didn't need to know about me:

1. Harry Potter is the foundation of my life.
2. I dislike scones.
3. I don't have a favorite color.
4. According to my best friend since 2nd grade, I've never had a filter.
5. I'm the oldest of seven siblings.
6. I want to be a novelist.
7. I have a really strong memory.
8. I'm highly sarcastic.
9. I am obsessed with brushing my teeth.
10. I play the piano.
11. I'm usually in the middle of reading five books at a time.
12. I love to travel.
13. I enjoy making people feel awkward.
14. I'm twenty-one and graduating college.
15. My homies and me be drinkin' butterbeer forties.
16. It's hard to embarrass me.
17. I have a mild peanut allergy.
18. I found out I was a wizard when I was eleven.
19. Je parle francais.
20. I should've been a cowboy.
21. I don't eat pig. In any way, shape or form.
22. I'm not ticklish.
23. I like to make cat noises.
24. You'll always hear the wrong part of my story.
25. You still don't even know the half of it.
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veritaserum veritaserum Jul 14, 2012 08:00AM
I just posted the excerpt to the book I published, "Under Blue." Please check it out and let me know what you think! I've included a link to where the book can be purchased if you are interested. Tha...
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