Curious. In Code Geass, what do you think would happen if Euphemia didn't die?
          	I'm working on a story, a multiverse mixed fanfic, and Code Geass would be one of them, and I'm wondering what would happen. 
          	There are a lot of things to consider here, mainly what would happen to Japan if Euphemia's plan worked, and how would Lelouch reach his father and stop his Ragnarok plan without the drastic escalation of conflict caused by Euphie's actions and subsequent death. 
          	If you have any ideas, please comment or send me a message. Would love to hear your thoughts!!!


@verglas ugh from what I remember, lelouch'S geass did unintentionally went out of control when he sneaked in and got to talk with euphie. 


@MikhaEvergreen I did thought of having a third party, perhaps from the Purist faction, wreck the event and cause an even deeper divergence between the Japanese and Britannia. But it felt a bit... forced? Well, the whole Lelouch's power getting out of control in that exact moment felt a bit forced, so I guess it isn't that bad???


@verglas there will always be someone who want to severe her life. Rememver when Lelouch made an effort just to meet her in person, in an utter to convince her to stop her campaign. At the same time, LELOUCH also has been planning means to pull Suzaku into his ranks. As a writer ofcourse we'd be however it is to be. The different of her when she was affected by geass and when she wasn't, was the very fact the she started the massacre and she openly did it like an idiot, which was due to his power being out of control. Even if all of them didnt get involved, Im sure L2 would try something. Or someone from Lelouch's ranks would mess it up. Either way, third party or not, it only takes a single death from "that" event and everything will fall into chaos again.  Someone might frame Euphie, or Lelouch figuring out Suzaku's intimacy with Euphie and using it for his benefit. That event was the turning point when Euphie gathered the japanese people in thagt place so I think it would be nice to make it that "something else" happened there for the plan to deviate, ideally, a third party.


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