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Lilah by AshlynPope
          CHAPTER 35: Doctor
          He sits me up and instead of kissing my lips, he kissesmy neck. After kissing it, he wraps his huge hand around the base of it. He never squeezes he only holds
          his hand there.
          "Ride me," he grumbles out and my eyes widen.
          Jesus forgive us.
          "Why?" I ask him and he groans.
          "Because I'm a sick man and I need to get better," he says, placing a hand over his forehead as if he's about to faint.
          "I told you to take your medicine," I tell him, tracing the waistband of his joggers.
          He inhales sharply.
          "You are my medicine, Lilah".
          And in one swift motion he pulls me around so l'm facing him, tugs me forward and starts kissing my neck. I'm on his lap but he lifts me aggressively off of it, pulling me closer to his chest. I kiss him softly while he
          uses his own hands to pull off his pants. His movements start to become more desperate, and he gives me no room to breathe between his intense kisses.
          "Slow down, Grey," I pant out.
          He reaches over to the nightstand drawer and quickly pulls out a little square packet and rips it open.
          "Hey! I've seen that before!" I exclaim, excitedly.
          He laughs the laugh that I love to hear, the laugh that makes my heart skip a beat.
          "Yeah, you'll be seeing it a lot more too," he comments, smirking. 
          I gasp and am about to say something when I feel something hard underneath me. It presses up against my goodies and suddenly I feel hot. The feeling makes
          me gasp again, harder this time, and because of this, start coughing. Like a lot.
          Grey's eyes soften. "You okay Lilah?"
          I recover. "I will be," I say, eyeing the plastic in his hand.
          Grey's gentle eyes turn hungry as he fits the thingie over his thingie and looks back to me. I press my lips against his hard, matching his previous aggressive energy. It surprises him but he gets over it, scooting
          himself back so he lays against the headboard, inevitably dragging me with him.
          "Is what we are doing okay?"


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