Proud Ravenclaw and Thunderbird.

Wand: Maple wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ¾" in length and Rigid flexibility.

Patronus: Deerhound

Warning#1: I do NOT take reading, voting or commenting requests.
Warning#2: If I followed you, it means that I am going to take a look of your work sometime in the future, so don't press me with inbox messages.
Warning#3: If you follow me and send me an inbox message or a board message about reading, commenting or voting your works, I'll just ignore it. I don't like ignoring people, so just don't make me to.
(bitch's mode is off now).

In my real --boring-- life:
♠ I am 24.
♠ I ramble. Like a lot. Alright, I'm insufferable.
♠ I am going to do terrible mistakes while writing, so please be tolerant.
♠ Big fan of HP series (duh), GoT, Sherlock, House of Cards and Hannibal.
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