Alright I'm not too good with talking about myself but here goes. I'm Amanda, and I live in Omaha, Nebraska. My besties are:
@phansalpacalypse ❤️❤️
They're all super awesome. Yeah. Moving on! I'm gay and support gay rights with a passion. I don't care about looks, I fall in love with personalities. I have kinda low self esteem, but I don't let it show and I'm working on raising it. I don't get bullied or anything, and I'm not bothered by comments like 'fatty' or 'dyke' or 'fag' unless they're directed at other people. Honestly, yes, I'm fat, and yes, I'm gay, but nobody deserves to be treated like shit for who they are. Say what you want about me, I could give a damn, but say something about someone else and I will come after you. So yeah, that's who I am. As always,

scientists call
appropriately so,
the unit that holds
our chromosomes,
our DNA
a cell
because you cannot escape
who you are
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