Welcome!  I am a science fiction writer, novelist, and mathematics geek!

I live in Seattle and in the wilds of the imagination. My work has appeared in the UK flash fiction journal Grievous Angel and other small journals. I am a graduate of Goddard College Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. In my "other life," I have a Ph.D. in Engineering. For fun, I like to work on mathematical puzzles and play jazz piano.

I write science fiction and literary fiction. Science fiction that takes the imagination for a ride. Urban fantasy that crosses everyday life with magical events or occurrences. New twists on old fairy tales. And a smattering of realistic fiction that explores changing relationships or quirky characters.

Some of my favorite writers are . . .

- Ray Bradbury - The Martian Chronicles - imagery and imagination in well-grounded prose
- Anne Tyler - Breathing Lessons - family relationships coming apart
- Robert Heinlein - Citizen of the Galaxy - master storyteller

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