I'm meal prepping for the week and sharing some of my favorite recipes on my Patreon! Be sure to join so you can see what I'm up to :))


My college graduation is this week
           Hard to believe that I started this account when I was a freshman in high school
          What is going on with timee


@thequeenslushie omg 
            I will be graduating in 2 more years 
            And omg congratulations 


@thequeenslushie Congratulations, best wishes for your life ahead♥️


@thequeenslushie I'm so happy for you. Congratulations 


Today at 12:30 on my Patreon I am dropping my very first, never before published, reverse harem fic. It's the one that started it all, and even though it is a little cringey, I'm still so excited that my members get to read it. 


Hi friends. 
          Thanks for all 500k reads on ENDLESS LOVE. 
          I have written 4 BRAND NEW exclusive bonus chapters (~4k words total) for my Patreon. 
          Two fluffy chapters. A smutty chapter. And a chapter with a little bit of drama. 
          I just uploaded two chapters there, and the next two chapters will go up next week. 
          And if you subscribe to my Patreon and want even more Endless Love bonus chapters, I can make it happen. 
          Lots of love,


Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans yesterday. I was able to get a few outfits for cheap! Very excited 
          CH 11 OF CHERISHED JUST DROPPED. Let me know what you think
          (Or you can read the completed book on Patreon. Another great way to support me plus I'll be posting Endless Love bonus chapters this week)


I have written 4 BRAND NEW bonus chapters for Endless Love
          These will go to my top tier on Patreon. I'm planning on dropping two of them on Monday or Tuesday, and then two more the following week. 
          Some smut, some angst and def some fluff that you don't want to miss out on.
          (Plus you will get a completed copy of cherished, my incomplete draft of The Elementalist Thief, short stories, fanfics and whatever else I throw on there :))


@thequeenslushie will you post those on wattpad too.......
            Please if you can as i liked this book sooo much ..and i cant make online transaction as for now .